List of Top Theaters in London

Usually people love watching movies and dramas by turning on their television sets or by going to a cinema, but there is one source of entertainment which is still being admired though it came into being when cinema television or radio was not introduced, and that source is famous by the name of theaters. Watching a stand up act live has its own importance, which cannot be replaced by any top class movie or a tremendous television drama. London is city filled will several source which are present in urge to entertain the Londoners and theater comes at the top. There are numerous theaters available in London but few have earned terrific fame due to their historical background and out class quality.


  • 1

    Leicester Square Theatre, if you intend to enjoy a perfect stand up act with the perfect sound and visual quality, then do consider this theater because it has been providing terrific shows. There is no act held in Leicester Square Theatre for which the house is not full.

  • 2

    Royal Festival Hall is among the list of world’s famous performing arts venues due to its tremendous hosting criteria. Along with live music venue it provides all sorts of shows related to entertainment. Including weekends it is opened from 10:00 am till 11:00 pm.

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    Piccadilly Theatre, is owned by ATG which is United Kingdom’s well known and biggest ticketing agency. Besides their other business they have been serving the field of Arts and entertainment as well and Piccadilly Theatre is one of the successful examples of their work.

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    HMV Hammersmith Apollo is yet another famous entertainment venue of London which was introduced in 1932. Besides theater it also has a bar for the sake of entertaining the viewers.

  • 5

    Queen's Theatre, was built in 8th October 1907 and since then it has been moving forward and reached among the list of top theaters in London. They have hosted thousands of plays and still they are on the urge to maintain their outclass position.

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    Palace Theatre, red bricks are not the only reason which has placed this theater in the lime light, but the marvelous shows hosted by this venue is another reason for its prominence. The theater was built in 1880’s and it contains 1400 seats.

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    The Adelphi Theatre organizes several sorts of plays which include musical and comedy as well, besides serious plays. There are total 1500 seats and the fanatical visual and sound quality has the ability to entertain everyone equally.

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    Theatre Royal, Drury Lane’s aim is not only to entertain the elder citizens of London, but they also organize different puppet shows and plays for children and teenagers.

  • 9

    Apollo Theatre is a grade two theater which contains 775 seats . The owner, Henry Lowenfield hired a famous architect Lewin Sharp to design this theater.

  • 10

    O2 Academy Brixton, along with music venues and being a famous night club it is also well known for its theater. It has total 1083 seats in its theater with tremendous sound quality.

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