List of Trial Attorneys in London

The top trial lawyers in London always look to persuade adjudicators of the facts in a case and present them in a way that best supports their patrons’ position. This is a skill that not many solicitors’ posses and it becomes important for a client to check the resume of a lawyer before hiring them. Aside from this, numerous people have lost their trail cases with their wrong approach. They tried to sort out case outside court of law instead of presenting it in front of a tribunal with the assistance of trial lawyer. In order to avoid such hectic scenario try to take opinions from several lawyers. Here is a list of trial lawyers in London that have exceptional track records and may be able to help you in your case.


  • 1

    Corker Binning, has a impressive track record that is based on wisdom, straight talking and expert advice.

  • 2

    Monckton Chambers, is a one of the top set of barristers' chambers, based in the capital of Great Britain that are providing services in different law practices.

  • 3

    E G Arghyrakis & Co, is a team of specialized solicitors that is a recommended legal when it comes to practices in shipping law, insurance, commodities,  and commercial court cases.

  • 4

    Fulbright & Jaworski, is an international law firm that provide services not only to government institutions but also serves several businesses, non-profit organization and individuals.

  • 5

    Old Bailey Solicitors, deals in fraud, criminal and other cases to provide strong defence in such litigation as they are specializes in this type of practices.

  • 6

    Brunswick Barristers Chambers, is a team of barristers that specialises in appeals, financial regulation, cross-border litigation and additionally provide services to the professionals in law and finance.

  • 7

    Hogan Lovells International LLP, is providing worldwide legal  services to financial institutions, corporation and governmental entities.

  • 8

    Cozen O'Connor, has been serving the Londoners since 1998. They deal in a wide range of practices.

  • 9

    SJS Solicitors, comprises of high quality and strong team of attorneys that providing legal services to public.

  • 10

    Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP, has a reputation of providing high quality advice and representation to their clients in a gracious and supportive environment.

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