Listening Techniques for Toddlers

Parents can have a tough time with their children if they are not obedient. They can run around the place, disobeying what their parents are telling and can create a lot of nuisance. Parents, in reply, sometimes resort to shouting and/or punishing the children. This is not at all advisable as this can have negative consequences. Parents must understand child psychology and handle their toddlers with care. What can be achieved with love and care, cannot be done with a rude attitude. In this article, we will tell you about some of the methods that can be used through which kids’ listening techniques can be improved.


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    Maintain eye contact

    Parents must ensure they maintain eye contact when they are speaking with their kids. This way, kids will know that their parents are giving them proper attention and are saying something which is of importance. When parents resort to talking to their kids while they are busy doing other stuff, children can consider that as something unimportant and may not focus.

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    Use of simple language

    It is very important that parents use simple language while talking to their kids. Children are not used to understanding a lot of words spoken in one go and can sometimes miss key information. Parents are suggested to communicate in small and easy-to-understand sentences which the children can pick with ease. This will ensure that kids pay complete attention to what their parents are telling them.

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    Interactive methods of reading

    While reading books with their parents, kids can sometimes find it boring and may not pay attention. Parents can now resort to modern and interactive ways of reading like using e-books and tablets. These can be used anywhere in the house and will develop children’s interest in whatever their parents are saying.

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    Talk in low volume

    If the children are disobedient and are not listening to what their parents are telling them, parents can resort to shouting and threatening with punishments. This can be really counter-productive as children might get offended and will not listen or respond to anything at all. Parents are advised to talk in a low and soft tone with their kids which will induce interest and children will listen to them.

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    Set examples

    Children are great when it comes to replicating what their parents are doing. If you as parents show to your children that you listen to them, chances are that when you say something, they will listen to you as well.

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    Give incentives

    Incentives are another great way of making the children listen to you. Parents can promise incentives in the form of sweets, games, trips to parks, and anything that interests them. This will ensure that children pay attention to what you are saying.

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