Marketing Pubs & Bars in Paris

Marketing is one the most important tools in a pub and bar owners arsenal because it helps the proprietor boost sales and compete against rivals. When facing cut throat competition in the crowded Paris bar and pub market place a businessman needs to be consistent with their marketing to stand out from the crowd. Fickle consumers can easily forget a bar and need to be reminded of a pubs discounts, products and other specials. The prevailing recession is also making customers picky about where they spend their money and an owner needs to create such a brand through their marketing campaign that clients are happy to spend their money at the venue. Creative and consistent marketing strategies, sales promotions and other ideas are key to successfully for market a pub or bar in Paris.


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    Analyze Market:

    First step is analysis. Through which the owner of a pub or bar will come to know about his/her target market, i.e. businessmen, people working in offices, people coming from areas with high population density, college/university students or brew or beer connoisseurs etc.

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    Marketing strategy:

    Once the analysis is done then, you will prepare a marketing material that should be based on the target market. With the help of this material you will be able to attract your target audience.

    (a) if you’re seeking to attract businessmen then you should have facilities like wifi, cable TV (with news channels) parking space, newspapers etc.

    (b) If you’re targeting low income groups, salaried person or college/university students then you should get some discount packages ready.

    (c) If you are looking to drag in brew or beer connoisseurs then you should maintain the stock of top brands and high quality brewers.

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    Check competitors:

    After laying down a marketing plan for your target audience then you will develop strategy through which you can keep a track of your competitors' offers. This will help you craft a better offer than your rivals, which will attract more customers to your pub or bar.

    Hary's Pub, Le Baiser Sale, Pub Saint German are fine examples of successful marketing plan in Paris, as they had boosted their sales by following the similar marketing strategies and became the best bars in the town.

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    Write Marketing Material

    After crafting deals, you will prepare marketing material which you will distribute among the target audience. This material includes banners and pamphlets. Below is the list of few banner and flyer printers in Paris, which you can add to your list.

    (a) Comoprint

    (b) Monacom

    (c) Graphic Center

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    Target Audience

    Once you got this marketing material, then you will determine the places where your target audience frequently pays visit.

    (a) If you are looking to target students then you should go to Rue des Ecoles that touches different colleges in Paris. Moreover, several other college and universities are also located in the nearby area.

    (b) Rue du Lovoure and Rue de Rivoli are the two main routes that either touches or are close to several shopping malls in Paris. Therefor, if you are targeting ladies this will be your area.

    (c) Similarly if you are targeting businessmen or salaried person then you will go to Rue Saint Honore or de l'Opéra with your marketing pamphlets, as these routes touches different business centres in the area.

    (d) While banners can be hanged in the above mentioned areas or in front of markets, community centres, different parks or other public gathering areas.

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    Use Social Networking websites

    You can also promote your business online by using different social networking websites. The best way to do this type of marketing is through famous social networking websites, as they have thousands of users. Below is the of three such websites that are quite popular in Paris.

    (a) Visit Facebook Website

    (b) Visit Myspace Website

    (c) Visit Twitter Website

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    Distribute Marketing Material

    You can take the help of a marketing agency, which will take care of everything related to marketing of your pub and bar business in Paris.

    (a) Entre Marques

    (b) Agence Web Marketing - SLAP digital

    (c) Takecare

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