London Cultural Festival in London

The London Culture Festival takes place during August in the British capital. This festival is the best time to see a mix of different cultures gathering in one city. However, unlike most of the other festivals, London Culture Festival does not take place at one particular site. In fact it takes place throughout the city therefore it’s a great treat for all Londoners, no matter where they live in the capital. During this festival people celebrate cultural mix by organising different forms of arts like visual arts, dance, music and much more. Due to these highlights, London Culture Festival always receives a tremendous response from both, Londoners and visitors to the city. As a result of this astonishing response organisers were strained to organise it for the third time and now they are eyeing on the fourth one. So now it’s a great opportunity for people who missed London Culture Festival in the past to tap into the long array of entertainment cum educational experience.

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    The London Culture Festival was held for the first time back in 2010 when creative individuals belonging from various cultures were brought together. As a result of this team building day, people witnessed different cultural activities taking place on one spot. This set of activities included Chinese making eggdrop soup live in front of the audience, whereas South East Asians drinking lassi from different stalls and other things like this.

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    Audience can enjoy various activities at the London Culture Festival that range from dance to music, fashion to party, food & drinks, and to craft fair and literature. This means that Londoners can dance to the tunes of well established and upcoming stars. And they get to eat and drink various food items and drinks that include different cocktails to African stew and much more.

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    Important Date

    The London Culture Festival usually takes place in August (in the mid of this month).

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    The London Culture Festival stretches over a period of 7 days.

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    How to Contact

    Folks who wish to get in touch with the team of London Culture Festival can use the phone, fax or email specified below:

    Phone: +44 20 8819 9919
    +44 20 8819 9920
    Email: lcf(at)

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    In order to have up to date information about the tickets of London Culture Festival, click here.

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    203 – 213 Mare Street, London E8 3QE, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get there

    By Tube

    Bethnal Green tube station is 20 minutes walk from 203 – 213 Mare Street where the office of London Culture Festival is located. The exact distance between these two sites is 1.0 mile. So in order to bridge this gap, patrons should follow these directions; head north on Cambridge Heath Road/A107 towards Bethnal Green Road/A1209 then turn slightly right to stay on Cambridge Heath Road/A107 and then continue to follow A107. Later patrons will need to turn slightly left onto Mare Street/A107, from where the destination is not too far on the left. Directions from Bethnal Green tube station to 203 – 213 Mare Street.

    By Bus

    Hackney, St Thomas's Square (E9) (Stop LQ) is about 200 ft away from 203 – 213 Mare Street, which makes it a walking journey of just 43 seconds. So a bus user should head south on Mare Street/A107 towards Silesia Buildings after arriving at this bus stop, from where this destination can be found on the right side. Directions from Hackney, StThomas's Square (E9) (Stop LQ) to to 203 – 213 Mare Street.

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