Mall of Arabia Dubai

Mall of Arabia is a one-of-its-kind shopping mall that was scheduled to be completed by 2008. However, the opening of this state-of-the-art mall with over 1000 retail shops has run into several delays, mainly because of the global economic crunch that hit the world, including Dubai and its real estate market.
The mall is a planned part of the City of Arabia and will offer much more than your average shopping mall. According to the developers, the aim behind the construction is to provide shoppers with a more relaxed and purposeful shopping experience.
It is claimed that the retail facilities on offer at the mall will exceed that of any other mall in the Middle-East. The plans include space for over a thousand stores and over ten thousand parking spaces. The architect for the mall is Alex Vacha.



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    Things to do in Mall of Arabia

    - The Mall of Arabia, once completed, will have a thousand retail shops including top fashion and luxury brands. Every retail item possible will be made available.

    - The mall will also feature a state-of-the-art theatre which will have regular performances by local as well as international theatre artists. This will be coupled with a 15-screen cinema, two rooftop hotels, and a bowling alley for the ultimate entertainment experience.

    - There will also be a health spa, children’s area and a promotional space for exhibitions. According to the builders, all these areas will be strategically located to streamline the experience and prevent any disturbance.

    - An amazing dinosaur themed park is also being designed with assistance from London’s Natural History Museum. Life-sized dinosaur fossils might be put on display

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    Nearest Attractions

    The Mall of Arabia, once built, will have a number of attractions in close vicinity but the most famous out of them is the Global Village. Not only is the Global Village an amazing shopping destination, it also serves as a cultural hub, with many dazzling performances and buildings on show. It is located at a distance of only 3 Kms from the Mall of Arabia, which means shoppers can move between both venues without hassle.

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    Mall of Arabia, Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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    How to get to Mall of Arabia

    The location is not served by any tram station or nearby bus stop, which means your best option is to take a cab or travel on a private car.

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