Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

A medical treatment authorisation letter is required when somebody is needed to be operated by the medical team. This letter enables the guardian to ensure proper and prompt medical treatment for the suffering person. It is a permission letter to authorise somebody to make decisions in your absence during that critical time.

Use first paragraph of your letter to mention name and your relationship with the subject and then put the name of the person you are authorising to make all the decisions in your absence. These kind of letters are always brief and to the point so you should not drag the opening. Clearly state the jurisdictions of your authorised person like whether he is allowed to go through medical paper work or not etc.

In the second paragraph, do notify if there is any validity of this permission letter and provide the addressee your contact information.

Remind the other party to check all the attached documents and end this letter with some courteous sentences.


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    Sample of Medical Treatment Authorisation Letter:

    Joe Black,
    71 Sunset Boulevard,
    Orchard Avenue,
    London – 67156,

    December 11, 2008.

    The Holy Family Hospital,
    56 Temple Road,
    Pearl Avenue,
    London – 78167,

    To whom it may concern,

    I, the father of under mentioned child, inform you that Mr. Peter Parker has my permission to get and direct medical treatment for John Smith in my absence. He has full authority to make any relevant decisions in case of emergency. I also authorise him to sign any required document to ensure proper medical treatment for my son, John Smith.

    This is an irrevocable notice and Mr. Parker will have the complete authority until I provide another written statement to alter this permit or until I am present to make these decisions. You can call me at 789-1689-102 in case of any question or concern.

    All the required documents are attached with this letter and I hope these will be enough for you. Thank You for your cooperation.


    Joe Black

    Witness: Mr. Garry Kristen

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    Template of Medical Treatment Authorisation Letter:

    [Your Name]
    [Your Address]
    [City and Postal Code]


    [Addressee’s Name]
    [City and Postal Code]

    [To whom it may concern]

    I, [mention your relation with the subject], notify you that [put the name of authorised person] has my approval to make all the arrangements for medical treatment for [Name of the subject/ relative] in my absence. He also has my permission to sign any required documents to ensure prompt action in case of emergency.

    This memo is an ultimate notice that [Name of the authorised person] will have all the rights to make decisions until I issue another statement or I am present to follow the procedure. You may contact me at [provide your contact information] in case of any query.

    Kindly find all the attached documents and I hope these will be sufficient to satisfy you. Thank you for the time you will devote.


    [Your Name]

    [Witness Name and Signature (if required)]

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