Menu Ideas For a First Date

We all know how tough a first date can be. You are worried about your appearance, the venue and a host of other factors. Included on this list of worries is the food. Your choice(s) could affect how well your date goes. For example if you were hoping for kiss at the end, you might as well forget it if your date just had a dish with a very strong scent that just kills the mood. Or you choose a dish with that can cause horrible stains and just ruin your whole outfit and by extension your entire date. Here are these few simple tasty dishes one can indulge in to compliment your first date;


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    Chicken Salad

    As much as the salad factor is there, there is chicken added to the mix, what can go wrong with his dish. It is beautiful, classy and can do no harm inwardly (body system) and outwardly (your dress). This is a meal to play it safe if you’re not what your date is ordering, you don’t want to eat what he’s eating as that could be boring, a discussion could arise from the different kind of meal you guys are indulging in, chicken salad might not be all that there is, but it is a safe choice.

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    Fish, full of protein, healthily spiced with lime juice smeared all over, that will make for an interesting meal.

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    Truth is on a first date it is not advised to suggest a burger. This is because it is bound to be messy for you, your apparel and overall the kind look you get when eating a burger with the sauce going everywhere, one would be lucky if that salad doesn’t fall on their lap. One can’t eat burger if you’ve got the hang of it, i.e. You can eat it without the mess, to help is by cutting the burger in in neat 4 sizes and munch, another method is to hold the burger from the middle, not with strength so as to not spill the contents in the burger on you and gently chew. Hats off, if you can attain this, this shows that you are one that can be yourself and have fun with what you want and not look a mess trying to eat what you want. It is a 50-50 percentage that you might win it or lose it. Practice could help before the d day.

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    Steak is one of the safest choices of meals one can indulge in on a face date. As long as you are cutting it in to small manageable bits that you can chew and swallow. There is little or no room for one to mess themselves up or look funny as long as you eat a sizable portion and chew with your mouth closed.

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    Spaghetti and meat balls?

    We all watched the lady and the tramp, but the spaghetti eating doesn’t work like that real life. In real life, that long gooey rope tends to be longer than expected and your date would have to watch you swallow and swallow until the long thread disappears not to mention the stains from the sauce on your face and shirt and anywhere else. If you have master the art of eating spaghetti, then this is your go to choice, but until then, play it safe.

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    Spicy Foods?

    Most people love spicy food, but then they have the ability to make you lose concentration on your date and make you centered on what is happening to your tongue and nose. That is whilst you have drank like 3 bottles of water, there is the added situation of “liquid” flowing from your nose, an unending river supply, where your hands will keep grabbing for the napkin and you will only wish he looks away whilst you blow and blow your nose. For a first date? Not allowed, but for a second after you are more acquainted then there you go.

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    The slurping and swallowing of the soup whilst in a discussion will look uncivilized. Most of the time you are encouraged to eat meals with your mouth, with little or no noise coming from it, now do that with the slurping and drinking that comes with it. An uncomfortable noise filling the silence moments. Not.

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    Anything with too much garlic?

    Except he or she  is eating the same garlic induced meal, please stay away from it, as it might ruin a potential kiss moment to simply a handshake. But for some people, that doesn’t really matter if both parties are involved in each other already. But if you are unsure of what is happening then stay away from garlic.

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    Foods that are being eaten by the hand is a risk factor except you and your date are so connected that the chemistry is hyped up and you both order a meal that indulges the hand and the sucking of whatever you are eating example; lobster and hammers…. Barbecue chicken and wings are not a first date meal except you intend to look like a kid stuck on a high end chair with sauce and meat bones are stuck everywhere. Foods like burgers are meant to be eaten with hand and at a comfort style level, but other than that, it is best to stay away and play it safe with a meal you can eat with a utensil.

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    Any kind of grain

    Rice is one of the safest meals to take on a first date, it could be  in the form of sushi, rice and stew, or any form of rice delicacy out there that is combined with delicious salads or anything on the menu. There is quinoa mixed with tasty vegetables Arabian style as long as it doesn’t get entangled with your hands face or outfits.

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    Chocolate desserts

    Desserts are delicious, from ice creams to cakes in form of delicious gooey chocolate form. As long as one doesn’t have to lick it. Anything other than licking is fine, eating from a plate, a cup with a spoon or dessert stick is allowed, nobody deserves to be put into pressure or send the wrong message.

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    There are so many meals to choose from on a first date. It is important to learn as much as you can from researching and prepare according to the meal. Anything can be eaten anything on a date just be careful that it does not hurt your date. Remember your trying to make a good first impression.. A girl or guy with nothing to hide except wanting to have a good time. Foods people thought can’t be eaten for first dates can be if you know how to go about it, other than that, it is best to play it safe.

    All the best.

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