Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Good food is one of the many pleasures of life. We feel good when we taste something delicious. Every country has their traditional cuisines and it is a lot of fun to get a taste of food from around the world.

There are, however, foods that can kill you if not consumed or cooked properly. They have such characteristics that make them dangerous and one must be very careful if consuming these dishes. It is best that they are avoided as a bit of fun can be as costly as losing one’s life.


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    This fish also goes by the name of puffer fish and blow fish. Fugu contains tetrodotoxin, a poison for which there is no antidote. It must be prepared with a lot of care as not doing so can mean a certain death for the person consuming this fish. The poison paralyses the muscles and takes away the ability to breath. In order to be able to serve this dish, each chef has to go through three years of training.

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    Ackee Plant

    Ackee plant is easily available in restaurants in Jamaica. They are pretty to look at and taste just fine. However, you should sure that only the yellow inside part is consumed and the red and black parts are left untouched. If they are consumed, they can cause a deadly drop in blood sugar level, making them extremely dangerous.

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    Casu Marzu

    It is a special kind of cheese that is made in Italy and it is the process of its manufacturing that makes it dangerous. The preparation includes leaving the cheese in open air so that the fermentation process can speed up. There is always a possibility of flies and other insects laying eggs on them. If the cheese with maggots is eaten, they can eat the lining of the gut and cause severe muscle cramps and vomiting.

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    It is a wriggling octopus and is the cause of death for six people each year in Korea. One can choke on the suction cups of the octopus as they are prepared alive and there is a chance of the suction cups to get stuck in the throat.

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