Natural Remedies for Knee Joint Pain

One of the most common disorders people are suffering nowadays is the knee joint pain.  It can be caused by number of reasons including arthritis, injuries, excessive usage of knee joint, weight lifting, lack of use and even back pain. Studies show that even stress and emotional conditions may also cause pain in knees.

As you bend and straighten, your knee cap moves up and down with ease. It is controlled by muscles, tendons and ligament. However, if the knee cap is pulled out of its track due to muscles or ligaments pulling too strongly then it causes pain.

Women are more vulnerable to kneecap related injuries because they have wider hips.

In this article i have jolted down natural ways for treating knee joint pain but it’s better to seek a professional advice.


  • 1

    Stay smart

    If you are overweight, you stress all the joints of your body. Most importantly, these extra pounds put more weight on your knees to carry. With every single step you take, you exert on your knees more than 1.5 times your body weight. Extra 20 or more pounds of body weight can really stress the knees.

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    Examining your feet

    Overpronation or rolling inwards of the foot is a common cause for knee joint pain. A certain amount of rolling inwards of your feet is acceptable but excess can throw the knee out of alignment.

    You can prevent this by getting supportive shoes which are specially designed to prevent pronation. You can buy ready-made or custom-made ones from podiatrist.

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    Buying the right shoes

    Your body can tolerate heel about one inch. Higher heels pushes your body forward and stresses your knees. Buy lowest heel possible and shoes that has antipronation devices on the inner side.

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    Replacing your old shoes

    Many knee problems are caused by jogging or walking in worn out shoes. Replace your joggers almost every six months.

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    Checking alignment

    Check your alignment by standing with your ankles touching. If you are bowlegged and not in alignment, then you can swim or cycle as they require less knee pounding. Running should be avoided

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    Don’t rely on knee braces

    An OTC brace or bandage only reminds you to not over-train. They don’t correct or prevent the problems.

    If you still want to opt for OTC braces then go for one-piece neoprene or elastic braces.

  • 7

    Avoid Knee busting activities

    Deep knee bends may feel good fitness boosters but they put a lot of stress on your knees.

    If you lift weights then never fully stretch your knee. If you are gardening or washing then use a foam kneeling cushion when kneeling.

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