Natural Vanilla Martini Cocktail Recipe

A natural vanilla martini cocktail is a sweet and refreshing drink, laced with the warm and mellow undertones of vanilla. A simple and elegant way to enjoy the flavours of vanilla in a beverage, the vanilla martini cocktail gets its flavour from the Navan liqueur it contains. This is a marvelous creation from the House of Grand Marnier, known throughout the world for their skill in preparing premium drinks. Navan liqueur is particularly exquisite, made from the fresh vanilla the House of Grand Marnier obtains from their private orchards.

This unique drink was first presented by the very famous Mr. Dave Arnold of the French Culinary Institute, at an event conducted by the House of Grand Marnier.  However, given the availability of the ingredients, it can be prepared at home too. Perfect for a bridal or baby shower, a vanilla martini cocktail makes for an elegant, almost feminine drink that is surprisingly easy to make, and delicious to sip on.

Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Serving Size: Serves 1 person
Utensils: Martini glass, cocktail shaker, metal strainer

– 1 part Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur
– 1 part Belvedere vodka
– A squeeze of fresh lime
– Ice cubes or crushed ice
– Vanilla flower for garnish


  • 1

    In order to create a beautifully frosted look for the drink, place a martini cocktail glass in your refrigerator, and allow it to chill until it becomes frosted and misty.

  • 2

    Meanwhile, you can start preparing the drink. Take a cocktail shaker and fill around a quarter of it with ice cubes. Crushed ice tends to chill drinks faster – however, unlike ice cubes, it also lends a slightly watery taste to the drink.

  • 3

    Once the shaker has been loaded with the ice, pour in 1 part of Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur, along with 1 part of Belvedere vodka. Finally, add in a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

  • 4

    Screw on the lid of the cocktail shaker tightly, and shake it vigorously for few seconds, until all the ingredients mix together thoroughly.

  • 5

    Hold a metal strainer over the chilled martini glass (in order to catch any shards of ice), and pour in the drink. As a final touch, garnish it with vanilla flowers. Your Natural Vanilla Martini is now ready to serve.

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