New Grafton Gallery in London

New Grafton Gallery at the Church Road in London is a top notch gallery when it comes to art. This can be judged from the reputed artists who were promoted by the owner of New Grafton Gallery – David Wolfers -who exhibited their art works. Wolfers was without a doubt a leading light in the world of art for British artists, guiding them in the right direction by providing new the talent this amazing platform. Today, New Grafton Gallery is no less than a sacred place for art lovers, collectors, and artists who know and understand art. This all has happened due to the hard work of Wolfers, who was finally laid to rest in 2001, but her daughter, Claudia Wolfers still runs New Grafton Gallery.


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    History of New Grafton Gallery:

    New Grafton Gallery was founded by late David Wolfers back in 1968. This gallery started promoting British talent and as a result of that, several famous names in the field of art popped up. The list of artists who saw a boast in their career after exhibiting their art work at New Grafton Gallery includes Elisabeth Frink, Mary Fedden, Carel Weight, Ruskin Spear, Peter Greenham, Tom Coates, Keith Vaughan and many more. By the early 1980s, New Grafton Gallery became a Mecca for both artists and collectors.

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    Things to See at New Grafton Gallery:

    - Different Art Works
    - Exhibitions
    - Meet with Renowned Painters

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    Tickets and Entry:

    To know about tickets and entry into New Grafton Gallery, make contact with the management through the information provided in Step 4.

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    How to Contact New Grafton Gallery:

    Folks who wish to get in touch with the administration of New Grafton Gallery to learn about the entry requirements or any other details can use the following phone and fax numbers, and email address:

    Contact: +44 20 8748 8850
    Fax: +44 20 8748 9818

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    Operational Hours of New Grafton Gallery:

    The opening hours of New Grafton Gallery are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm or visitors can contact the management to take an appointment.

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    Location of New Grafton Gallery:

    49 Church Road, London SW13 9HH, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get to New Grafton Gallery:

    By Tube

    New Grafton Gallery has no tube station, tram or pier in its immediate vicinity.

    By Bus

    Barnes, Glebe Road (SW13) (Stop BE) is about 82 ft away from ‎New Grafton Gallery, which makes it a walking journey of 17 seconds. In order get there, a bus user needs to head southwest on Church Road/A3003 towards Grange Road from this bus stop, and the destination will be in front of him or her. Directions from Barnes, Glebe Road (SW13) (Stop BE) to New Grafton Gallery.

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