Oily Skin Treatment for Women

Treating oily skin especially during summer is tough. Not everyone gets through the process easily. Oily skin not only makes you feel uncomfortable and untidy but it also contributes to blemishes and acne. While there are numerous products out there that boast to be life savers when it comes to treating oily skin, you should know that home treatments are your best friends in this case.


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    Never use facial scrubs on your skin. Facial scrubs add more to oil production even though they are meant for an entirely opposite purpose. Try using products that contain BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). As an alternative, you can use products containing enzymes from milk, pumpkin or pineapple.

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    Cleanse your skin every morning and night. Use a cleanser that has a gentle pH balanced. Do not use cleansers that are too harsh on your skin. Soaps and foams that are highly alkaline can strip your skin’s acid mantle.

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    Always use a toner following the cleanser. Make sure the toner is free of alcohol. Alcoholic toners are highly drying and can damage your skin’s oil glands. This way, the entire oil production of your skin is increased instead of being controlled.

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    Once you are done with the washing part, pat dry your skin and use a moisturizer. Make sure the moisturizer you use is oil-free.

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    Start using a clay mask weekly to ensure your pores remain tight. Also, these masks help the pores to limit their oil production. Try to use natural masks to avoid making your skin go through the torture caused by alcohol.

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    With oily skin, you need to be very consistent with your skin care regime. Even the slightest amount of ignorance on your end can cause your skin to go back to phase one. Therefore, make sure you are taking of it as much possible.

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