Plan to Success after Failure

The fear of failure is the biggest hurdle that one comes across and dreads, before attempting anything. Success is not to be guaranteed at the first attempt, no matter in whatever context you are trying. Basically there are two kinds of failures. The first kind is when a person attempts something and a decision at his part goes wrong, and consequentially costs him the success in the long run. The other form of failure that many people face while attempting to achieve success in a particular project is that when you just fall short of your required objectives. This latter form of failure is more detrimental to a person’s morale and generally requires a larger effort on the sufferer’s part in order to regain the strength to give it another try. No matter what kind of failure one comes across, he should not give up hope and must always look forward to give it another go.


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    The first step that will lead you to overcome the shock and re-launch a charge on the failed project is to change failure to a setback and then look to bounce back. The approach in this regard must be that the failure knocked you back rather than knocked you out. This general perception changes your approach and helps to settle in well.

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    The next main thing that you must line-up is that you should avoid generalization. This corresponds to the fact that one always thinks that only he/she is at the wrong end of the things every time. This is detrimental to one’s recovery process a sit just sets you up for yet another loss. Rather than generalizing your statements you must be preparing yourself for the upcoming future.

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    Now comes the point where you have to analyze that what went wrong in the failed attempt. You will have to note down the points and places that were the cause of letting you down in the attempt and the best thing is to assess the damage. Take a clear look at what went wrong as many people think that they have been set back greatly, where as the damage is actually not what they are realizing it to be.

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    Now you will have to recollect and reset your approach and items. Pick up the pieces so that you are now in a better position to attempt the project that was previously failed.

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    Finally, everyone must realize that life keeps on going. Nothing is larger than life and nothing brings the end of the world. The more merrily you approach a situation, the more confidence you will have to better your situation. This also helps in minimizing the prospect of the situation getting the better of you.

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