Rayners Lane Tube Station London

Rayners Lane tube station can be found in the district of Rayners Lane that is located in the northwest of the British capital. This tube station is located close to the border area of London therefore, it does not have many passengers. However, in spite of that, Rayners Lane tube station has got most of the facilities that one can find at stations sited close to central London. The list of facilities at this tube station includes ticket halls, pay phones, toilets, gates, car parking area and waiting rooms. After seeing these amenities in the station, one might think that this site had gone through modernization in recent times, but in actual the last major renovation work that took place was way back in 1930s. Today users of Rayners Lane tube station access these facilities from Imperial Drive & Rayners Lane. This entrance point leads them straight to the ticket hall from where, after collecting information or tickets, passengers can make an exit using the same way. Places to explore near Rayners Lane Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops

    Since Rayners Lane tube station is situated away from centre of the British capital, therefore it doesn't have many coffee points, but patrons can find numerous eateries in its surroundings.


    Balti Hut, Silver Dollar, Ruby M's, Club 2000, Papay Restaurant, Domino's Pizza - London - Rayners Lane, Eastern Fire & Taste of Lahore

    Coffee Shops:

    Sorento Coffee Shop & Imperial Cafe

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    Clubs & Bars

    As the Rayners Lane tube station does not have a lot of commuters, therefore night clubs are a rare commodity in this area. However, bars on the other hand, are operating in reasonable numbers.


    DJ David RB


    Village Inn, Turmeric Bar & Restaurant, The Man of Aarron & Three Wishes

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    Hotels & Accommodations

    Most of the visitors prefer to stay near the centre of city therefore you wouldn’t find many tourists staying in hotels and accommodation near Rayners Lane tube station. Due to this reason the numbers of accommodations are low in the area.


    Euro Hotel & Holiday Inn

    Guest Houses:

    West London Bed & Breakfast

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    Sights and Attractions

    In contrast to the number of hotels and clubs, this locality has a decent number of sights & attractions and aside from locals, folks from other areas of London also visit these sites on their weekends or holidays.

    Roxbourne Park, Newton Farm Ecology Park, West Harrow Recreation Ground, Usurp Art Gallery & Studios & Pinner Village Gardens

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    Educational Institutes

    Since this locality is away from all the hustle and bustle of the main city, therefore it suits a lot to educational institutes looking for a peaceful environment. For this reason you will find several colleges and schools in this region.


    Regent College, International School of Business Studies & Zaskin College


    Whitmore High School & Longfield Middle School

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    Gift & Bookshops

    However, students of schools and colleges have to go far from this district to buy various books as there is no book shop close to Rayners Lane tube station, but there are a few gift shops at a walking distance.

    Gift Shops:

    Shopworth, Love & Best Wishes & Mooch

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    Health & Beauty Services

    The list of gyms, spas and salons is also thin because aside from generating less passengers, the locality of the Rayners Lane tube station is also not too populated.


    Curves, Blitz Gym & Curves Womens Gym


    Sacha Health Club Ltd


    Shapes In Hair

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    Hospitals & Clinics

    In case of a medical condition, patients can easily find a hospital or private clinic near Rayners Lane tube station that are ready to deal with any sort of medical emergency.


    Community Mental Health Clinic


    Smile 360, The Ridgeway Surgery, G P Direct Surgery & Rayners Lane Dental Practice

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