Restaurants for Business Lunches in London

To pick a restaurant for a business lunch is quite a tricky affair, as bad food can spoil the main aim of a meeting whether it is with your associates, or with clients. However, London stands among a few metropolitan cities in the entire globe that has fine range of eating places where a person can invite his or her guests for business lunches without a worry. Simply due to the reason that some well known and international chains of restaurants are operating in different parts of the British capital. Moreover, most restaurants serve special menus to cater to the business lunchers. People who often seek venues for business lunches in London can view a list of some fine restaurants for this purpose in this article.


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    Alain Ducasse

    This is a famous French restaurant in the British capital that can be found at The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair. This establishment offers modern French dishes that are cooked under the headship of one of the most well reputed chefs in the entire UK.

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    Bangalore Express

    Bangalore Express can be found at 1 Corbet Court, Gracechurch Street, and is a highly priced eating places in the capital of Great Britain. This eatery serves not only delicious, but also well decorated cuisine in a pretty slick and cool environment that will boost the experience of having a business lunch at this venue.

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    Chor Bizarre

    At 16 Albemarle Street, Mayfair is an exciting bistro in the capital of England. The specialty of this eating place is its authentic Indian dishes, which are also quite famous among the business community who often drop by for business lunches to relish a diverse foodstuff.

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    Clos Maggiore

    Clos Maggiore is another famous name in the long list of French bistros in London. This restaurant is located at 33 King Street, Covent Garden and it is a favourite among people who want a twist in today’s contemporary French food in order to enjoy a different business lunch.

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    Coq d'Argent

    This restaurant is not only famous for its terrific French dishes, but also because of the impressive and fantastic views one can see from the roof terrace of this French restaurant. This eating place has surely made a solid impact on business lunchers as well.

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    Dining Room

    Dinning Room at Dean Street Townhouse is one of the hottest spots for business lunches, as it is located in the centre of the Soho. This eatery offers seasonal British dishes and also keeps on changing the menu on weekly basis. Therefore, every time a person visits this restaurant, he or she will find something new to eat.

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    Dockmasters House

    Dockmasters cannot be ruled out of the list of fantastic restaurants for business lunches, as it offers not only dishes with great combination of flavours, but also an interesting interior decor in order to make it an ideal site for having a luxurious dining experience in London.

  • 8

    Goldfish City

    This is another trendy restaurant in London that serves distinctive Chinese dishes, but the guests can also order some Japanese, Mongolian and Szechuan influenced dishes as well. Aside from that, the guests can also enjoy drinks in the restaurant's cocktail bar which is located in its basement.

  • 9


    Greenhouse at the Mayfair adds another option to the list of French eating places in London, where a person from the business community can call his clients or associates for a business lunch. This French eatery offers authentic varieties of French food that is getting famous in this part of the world as well.

  • 10

    Greens Restaurant and Oyster Bar

    At 36 Duke Street St James in the capital of Great Britain, Greens Restaurant and Oyster Bar is situated where one can often find people getting together for a business lunch. This place offers amazing and delicious British food that is cooked in a sophisticated and quality-controlled way.

  • 11

    Greigs Grill

    Greigs Grill has given a classic touch to their food, which makes this eating place special among  guests who come here for business lunches. As far as the specialty of this venue is concerned, one can find steaks - as guests often order them on business lunches.

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    Hush Brasserie

    Hush Brasserie is a great establishment that serves delicious and contemporary European food in stylish settings at 8 Lancashire Court, Brook Street, Mayfair, London. Due to this venue’s terrific food and environment, one will surely find his or her business lunch turn into a deal-making factor.

  • 13


    This not only provides perfect and scrumptious food to eat at a business lunch, but it is also has a fantastic venue to relish different dishes in a pretty comfortable and stylish environment. This restaurant can be found at 1 Snowden Street, Broadgate, London and is quite famous among locals.

  • 14

    Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecote

    Another option for Londoners to take a pleasure in eating large and appetizing steaks, Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecote provides quality food that is great tasting. Therefore, the price range of this restaurant also falls in the category "expensive," which is not a surprise.

  • 15


    L'Organger is a eating place where famous Chef Laurent Michel has created some new deals for business lunches. The highlights of this venue are clam risotto in a parsley and mussel along with garlic sauce, beef tartare and much more. The diversity of foodstuff at this place is absolutely amazing.

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    At 85 Fleet Street, Holborn, London, Lutyens serves seasonal French dishes by giving them an Irish touch. This different twist in the food makes the servings of this establishment more unique in comparison to its competitors in this industry. Aside from that, the taste of their food is also great, which is why this eatery is a hit story.

  • 17

    The LUXE Restaurant

    It is a new venture of John Torode. This bistro comprises of two floors and guests can enjoy a fine dining experience at its first floor, which is also nicely decorated. Apart from that, a wooden oven can also be found at this restaurant and the menu includes, poultry, meat and fish dishes.

  • 18

    Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill

    It was earlier called Lanes Restaurant. This is a wonderful dining eating place at East India House on Middlesex Street in the British capital. Moreover, guests quite frequently visit this place to have business lunches with their associates.

  • 19

    One Moorgate Place

    Another fine establishment in London, One Moorgate Place serves contemporary European cuisines and mostly offer seasonal dishes. The location of this eating place is another important thing which makes it unique from its competitors as it is located in the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England.

  • 20


    Pattersons is a trendy venue that is situated in Mayfair, London. The specialty of this restaurant is the usage of organic products, which help them in alluring business lunchers quite frequently. These business lunchers also take pleasure in Pattersons’ modern dishes like most of the other regular visitors.

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