Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant Dubai Overview

The Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant has a unique decor, which is inspired from the bustling Mediterranean bazaars. It features traditional designs and artworks of the region that are well complimented by the panoramic views of attractions like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. Aside from the decoration, the menu of Sanabel is also heavily inspired from this particular region, as it boasts appetizing dishes sourced from different towns located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to these fine features Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant is listed as one of the classiest eating places in Dubai, where guests can celebrate their palate during the course of a culinary voyage.

Contact: +971 4 377 2353


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    Products & Services of Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant:

    The Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant offers following products and services to its guests all through the year:

    - People of Dubai have dine in option for Lunch and Dinner at this eating place.

    - This restaurant basically serves authentic Mediterranean delicacies.

    - Aside from regular food orders, this bistro also offers buffet to its guests.

    - You can also savour a delicious and high quality brunch at this eatery.

    - Live cooking can also be seen at the venue, where chefs are using different and     fresh ingredients to cast the spell of taste over the guests.

    - Food varieties like hot mezze, mixed grills, tandoori-items, fish, salads and    Arabic desserts are served at this restaurant.

    - Guests can also order alcoholic drinks to wash down the food.

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    Operational Hours of Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant:

    The Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant offers its services seven days a week. The lunch timings in the restaurants starts at 12:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm, while the dinner is dished up between 6:30 pm and 11:00 pm.

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    Location of Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant:

    Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant:

    By Bus

    Mall of Emirates Metro Station 1 - Dubai is the nearest bus station from Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant. It is about 260 metre away from Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant and by walk a person can get to it in roughly 3 minutes. The direction to reach this restaurant from the bus station will be east that goes towards Halim Street. After covering few metres soon the bus passenger will find this bistro. Bus number that stops at this bus station is 93. Directions from Mall of Emirates Metro Station 1 - Dubai to Sanabel Mediterranean Restaurant.

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