Signs & Symptoms of Noise Anxiety

Many people find listening to louder music very comfortable. However, there are many who become very sensitive to louder sounds, which can also be referred as noise pollution. Some of them even suffer anxiety or depression, nomatter how strange it sounds. There are symptoms when you can say that a person has an anxiety problem to noise or louder sounds. It may not be their fault, but they should avoid exposure to louder sounds once they become aware of their sensitivity to it.


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    Reaction to Music

    Monitor how a person reacts to louder music. They might feel anxious or disturbed to louder music. Some people find themselves quite nervous and jittery to louder music. For example, many people find it very disturbing going and staying for a while in the pubs and clubs just because of louder music. This may also lead to development of a rash behaviour on part of them in response to noisy situations.

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    Watch Behaviour

    You can also find if a person has anxiety to loud music by observing their behaviour. It is possible that they become argumentative or fussy in a loud music environment. The behaviour in response to different loud situations can tell their level of disturbance. Some people find too hard to cope with noises.

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    Mood Swings

    Observing a person's reaction closely can tell that their mood quickly switches to be angrier or easier. A person who is sensitive to loud music can quickly become frustrated and angry and might launch into a verbal argument with someone. Sometimes these situation can lead to even fights, depending on a situation or a place. For example, hardly anyone can feel comfortable to a person listening to loud music on the music player or mobile phone in public transport, since this the place where all people like to travel quietly. In such case a majority of the people can react angrily to the person who is listening to the music.

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    Monitoring Level of Focus

    Another way to identify if a person has anxiety to noise is monitoring their level of concentration or focus in a noisy environment. Most people with noise anxiety find it difficult to deal with noisy work areas. Some situations and places can even lead to development of anxiety even if a person does not suffer it already. This is one of the reasons that people are strictly recommended to use safety equipment while working on road drilling and other noise work.

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