Simply way to delete all information about your ex on Facebook

Simply way to delete all information about your ex on Facebook.  We met, we fell in love, it lasted for five years and it ended.  That’s how most relationship, which don’t workout go.  The time it lasts for depends from person to person but when a long-term relationship ends, chances are high, it will not be on good terms.  It’s time to clean up your act and move on.

One of these things, which you must clean is your Facebook profile. It has memories of the last few years, where you went, what you did and all those wonderful things you shared together.  This memory is no longer needed and you want to clean up your profile from any presences of your worst half.



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    In the past, this getting rid of your ex information on Facebook was a daunting task but
    The network now provides new tools to limit the information shared and discussed with the former partner.

    When a your relationship end in real life, it must also end on Facebook, you must now block, delete messages, photos and publications... Until now, users could hide from his former partner, block or delete definitely . But even when you broke all connections with your ex: the user still has information both on the wall and can see how your name appears as a suggestion when writing a message or finding some other friend.

    On Thursday, Facebook has made available to its users some tools that appear when the emotional state of any changes that indicate that you are no longer in a relationship. These tools have three main objectives: to limit the amount of information you want your ex to see; choose how you see your ex and you as a couple, and control what people outside of your past relationship see.

    "We hope that these utilities will help people to end their relationships also in the social network. And to do so with greater ease, comfort and sense of control," says Kelly Winters, product manager for Facebook in a statement. The options appear when the break is made official in the social network, according to the creators, "it is also a way for users to protect themselves from their former partners in the online world."

    So many relationships are formed on Facebook and lot of those end also. Facebook has taken steps to make the ending part just has easy as forming part.  If you live in UK, you would still have to do all the deleting manually.  For now, this information management breakup tool is only available to mobile users in the United States. Facebook will be extended for the rest of the world gradually, based on feedback from users who try them.

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