Special Need Families Support Center Dubai Overview

A community by the name of Special Need Families Support Center was formed in order to help families having special kids and also homeless children.  Their main aim is to give special individuals a chance to get trained and learn to live a content life. Teenagers are given occupational training while children are provided with the facility of education so that they can look towards the brighter side of the life.

They integrate special needs to every underprivileged individuals present in the society. This foundation has put a lot of effort in preparing people to face the mainstream of life confidently. For the special needs community Special Need Families Support Center has introduced number of programs with the help of personal management.

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    Special Need Families Support Center is known for providing uncountable facilities, they have medical and optics facility under the observation of medical specialists, restaurants and confectionary services are also endowed.

    For entertainment Water Park Wild Wadi and Hobby Stables are available.

    Special events are held in order to make Special Need Families Support Center a fun place so that people can interact with each other.

    Various programs are scheduled for the purpose of training, such as behavior modification, speech therapy, computer training, recreational activities and an art club.

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    How to Contact:

    If you are looking forward to become a part of Special Need Families Support Center or wish to seek help from them then use the contact information cited as follow:

    Contact: + 971 4 334 9818, + 971 4 337 6759

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    18 B Street, Karama Centre, Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Special Need Families Support Center:

    By Bus:

    The nearest bus stop from Special Need Families Support Center is the Karama, Commercial Center 2. Routes that make a stop here are 33, 42, 44, 83 and C5. In order to cover the 400 meter distance you will have to first head in the north direction on 16th St towards 33 B St. After covering 210 meters take a right turn on the 33 B St and then take another right turn onto 18 B St. Keep moving until you cover about 100 meters distance. For a detail view of the pedestrian path you can take a look at this link.

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