Steps to Become a Counselor

Somewhere in life people get stuck with different issues and for getting over these situations, they need a counselor. Counselor advices and guides you towards the right way, after knowing your psychological status through personality analysis and your background or history. For becoming a counselor a person has to get a professional licence and experience. Without these things one cannot pursue his/her career in counseling.


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    You get to understand first why is it so important for you to become a professional counselor, what is your field of interest. You can choose from school/college, career, medical, relationships or legal counseling. If you believe that you are good at handling career related issues and have solved them easily in your life, then you can go for it. However, the important thing is that you must need to know everything about all kind of jobs and fields in order to give better advices.

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    You have to boost up your confidence level, as you have to deal with various clients and their problems. Clients will ask you confusing questions and you have to satisfy them in any way. Otherwise, you will get entitled as failure in counseling sector.

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    Search the institutes where they are offering counseling programs, and get you enrolled there. It is a basic requirement for getting professional licence. Earn good grades in your tests because job market is really competitive out there. Practice counseling, by attending training sessions before you go for a particular job. It will give you an experience of handling cases professionally and you will learn a lot of things from this program.

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    It might take few months to get the licence which is why you have to contact the state commission for rendering you guidance counselor certification right after you complete your course. Also, get information that whether you can get your licence transferred to any other state, country or not. In case you get offer from any other state then you certificate will not get wasted. It will be simple for you to get a job later then. Find job opportunities at different schools in your state and abroad.

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    Make contacts among your friends, relatives, classmates and ex colleagues because it is a need in this business. You have to make others refer you for counseling sessions and for maintaining your job in a better way you have got to extend your social circle. Confidently ask people to get advices from you, but in a professional way.

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