Steps to Become an Investment Banker

Investment bankers generally provide services to various financial organisations related to the handling of securities, while recommending them to pursue certain financial opportunities for positive gains. Their information is seen as key to many financial houses which are aiming to satisfy various clients and keep their reputation intact.

However, in order to become an investment banker, you need to have an eye for a good investment as the whole economy will be depending on you. The job is extremely rewarding but at the same time gives you little time to dwell on other things. Developing strategies, planning and analysing will become your daily norm and you must clearly understand the realities of the business world in order to ensure that you remain ahead of the pack.


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    Prepare by earning a degree in the relevant field from a credible university. Familiarise yourself with all the financial and accounting concepts as it will become a routine for you. Moreover, you will need to enhance your knowledge by specialising in certain areas of accounting, which will be a basic requirement for most financial powerhouses. In the US, you must be a licensed broker, having earned the necessary recognition from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)) or Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Most processes will vary from state to state as you aim to specialise in your work.

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    Having strong oral and communication skills is essential for an investment banker as most of his work will aim at convincing his company’s clients. You will need to prepare presentations and impress your bosses, who will then have faith in your abilities to deal with their biggest clients.

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    Start from the basic. Work with an investment banker mentor and analyse his patterns and ways of dealing with clients. In some cases, apply for an internship when you enter the final year of your study, as it will give you an edge over other graduates. Having worked with a particular company before, they will be more than willing to take you on broad, provided you have impressed them in the first place.

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    When trying to figure out a starting point, check newspapers and search the web for the latest job offerings. There is an Investment Banking Scorecard at the Wall Street Journal which helps you gauge the top companies based on various ratings. Make sure you know about the company or bank before applying.

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