Steps To Handle An Office Romance

You are insanely attracted to someone at your workplace or maybe even have fallen in love with them but, you also love your job or can’t afford to lose your job, what do you do? Be smart about it, do not let the thrill of an office romance over take your senses.

Even though most office relationships fail for a number of reasons, you can make sure your professionalism is not thrown into question. Read on to see some steps on how to handle an office romance to protect yourselves and your career.


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    Count the Cost

    Before embarking on this journey of “love at work” you have to be sure you are prepared to deal with any potential fallout. Of course you believe it will all be good but come what may, would you be willing to work with your ex? Or if you do end up losing your job, would you be able to handle it? Think of everything wrong that could happen and ask yourself if your relationship is really worth it. If you are sure it is then you can move on. If not, please end it before it is too late.

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    Beware of Company law

    Many companies have certain rules about office romance. They range from outright discouragement to having to sign of agreements during the relationship. Discreetly find out the rules regarding “office romance” where you work and try your best to comply. If you or your partner work with confidential data at the work place, be sure not to turn them into discussion topics. When you have gone about your romance by the book any organization would be wrong to fire you because of it.

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    Be Discreet

    Every work place no matter how different has a gossip mill. Be sure to keep your relationship as discreet as possible, at least until you know where it stands. Office talk can harm both the career of your partner and yourself so being as discrete as possible is important

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    Spend Time Outside The Office

    Do not turn your office into your hangout spot. It is meant for work and not for deep talks, kissing or cuddling. Let the alone time you have with your partner be strictly outside the work place.

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    Remember To Maintain Professionalism

    Try to ensure your relationship does not change how you work. Don’t be afraid to disagree or to tell your partner he/she is wrong at work when they are. It is important that your relationship does not lead into shoddy work so keep your love and work lives separate. In addition, keep the public displays of affection (PDA) away from the work place. This would prevent you from looking unreliable and incapable to perform to the standard you could before.

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    Discuss the rules of your relationship with your partner. Be sure both of you understand the purpose of this “office romance” and where it might lead. This way you can prepare for only 2 weeks of fun if both of you are not interested in long term and you can avoid disappointment before it is too late if you are.

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