Steps To Handle Mood Swings

Mood swings can be the result of a mental illness or from the loads of stressful circumstances that life throws at us. Mood swings can take an emotional toll on the body physically and mentally. The ripple effects are endless and negative

Mood swings are sometimes involuntary. They can be the effect of stress from our various social interactions.   Some people are more emotional than others and cannot control their outburst.

Mood swings in some are being diagnosed as being Bipolar at an intense stage, but how does one prevent this from entering into this intense stage, can it be curbed? Are there subtle signs to show when one is “mood swinging” and what are the causes and how should they be prevented? This article would give you an insight on the basic steps to control your emotions and put them to positivism.


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    Unleash The “Gentle Warrior” Within

    Most times, it is not easy to control the frequent occasional outburst we might project, due to the similar events happening around us but we can prevent them from coming out in the first place. To be able to do this, one has to be focus and be ready to unleash the “warrior” within.

    This personality is the reason why one won’t react in a certain way so as not to cause further unnecessary effect that might arise from one issue. This is a gentle warrior, the peace maker. This is the ability for one to be able to see the calm amidst a sea of chaos, whereby they are not moved or disturbed by the on goings around them. To achieve this is to focus and the ability to stay calm when faced with problems especially in a setting where people are and are most likely to expect you to react.

    Some people have a knack for “pushing buttons”, unfortunately which can’t be avoided especially if this is a person, or group that you get to see from day to day. All one has to do is to ask themselves the reason why this person or people are after you and find ways to tackle them.. The key here is to fight this battle in a gentle manner and unleash your frustration behind closed doors. With more practice this people would seem like blurry images and you won’t react to situations like how you used to before.

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    Another factor that helps one with mood swings is when they haven’t exercised in a long while. Exercise plays a great role in the release of endorphin, which helps one’s mood for the better. Exercise can be in different ways. It could either be in the normal form of exercising which is running, jogging, swimming, dancing, yoga or meditating. Doing this once or twice a week or for some as a daily routine would help one feel good, preventing mood swings.

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    A Balanced Diet

    It is important to eat healthy; your meals should comprise of a healthy balanced diet with all the basic nutrients god for the body. It should be high with carbohydrates, protein, and lots of minerals and vitamins. A balanced diet would give your body the necessary nutrients it needs to acquire a healthy mind.

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    Drink More Water

    It is important to stay away from toxic drinks as this would cause stress in its own mild way to the body. Alcohol are one of the things to abstain from as a little can start the course for destruction. Another culprit is caffeine. Too much of these can also cause harm to the body. A substitute would be Green tea with lime. Water is a huge supplement, if not the most important one. It is important to drink as much water as possible, at least 8 glass of water per day. This would help the body system, skin tone and overall wellness of the body.

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    Clean Environment

    A messy environment can add to the stress one is feeling. Sometimes to attain a clear crisp mind, one has to make sure their environment is clean and healthy and free from clutter. This would help the brain and the mind, as a clean free space helps to calm the mind and lighten up the mood. So call up a friend or friends and clean up.

    Mood swings are part of life’s package, but they can be treated with caution. It is important not to judge someone going through a phase in their life, but to be encouraged and guided on ways to relax and better themselves. To know more on mood swings and how to curb them, one has to research more or better still, go see a doctor.

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