Success of Android for Google Is Going Other Way Round

The four year old mobile operating system’s victory for Google is proved accidental, on the 26th of June 2012. During the Developer’s conference Google is severely criticized to expose latest version of Android.

Google finds android as a successful ecosystem due to which most of its products like Gmail, Chrome, Maps and Voice are integrated into Android. This integration plays an eminent role in placing Google at the top in the kingdom of fastest growing mobiles.

Everyone one is aware of the fact that Android is effectively assisting most of the Smart phones in the world.  But this stunning success is going other way round which has made the perch quite insecure for Google.

Android success is considered fortuitous because software was given a chance to take off in 2009 when the Motorola Droid was released by the Verizon Wireless.  In order to bring in competition for iPhone Verizon started acting as Droid’s boss, because at that time Droid was the only phone which was actually capable enough to give competition to iPhone.

Later on Android declared itself as a perfect substitute of iPhone, at that time Google’s OS held the market of Smartphone, with 59% share.  And according to IDC Android’s urge to reach at the top is coming to an end.

Though Android’s market has been slightly declining for the past five years, but now it is expected that the software will reach at the top with 62% market share. In IDC’s point of view Android will firmly hold the dominant position while the Microsoft’s Window phone and iPhone will remain in Android’s shadow.

Analyst’s predictions are expected to be wrong because Apple is all set to come on Android phone with the help of its swift growing prepaid market. In June 2012 the two famous companies Wireless’ Cricket and Sprint’s Virgin Mobile broke the news of joining iPhone on its prepaid service and recently Cricket launched prepaid iPhone.

On the other hand Google is putting in complete effort to make the competition stronger against its competitors; in May the Google succeeded in acquiring Motorola’s Mobility.

In this month Google will be introducing another Android version, Jelly Beans. Few sparkling advancements in its software are expected to startle Microsoft’s Window phone and iPhone.

Aside Smartphone Google also placed itself in completion with iPad; the market share of ipad was 62% while Android had 36%. But another threat for the tablets is yet to come, yes, with Microsoft’s Surface tablet available in the market.

Gartner’s analyst Milanesi gave a statement that, “Up to now Android has benefited from the fact that if you wanted an alternative to iPhone there was nothing else,”

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