Summer Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas

Dressing up for a cocktail party in summer is hardly a problem. All you have to do is put on a cute dress, pair it up with high heels, accessorise the look with long earrings and a necklace and that is pretty much it.

However, if you are looking to really stand out at the party and passing admiring looks in your direction, you may find yourself spending a fair amount of time in deciding the outfit that you want to go with. Different body types look great in different dresses. One thing is for sure though, you are in real luck as far as summer cocktail party outfits are concerned if you have a great body.


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    If you are confident about your body and do not shy away from showing a bit of skin, the one-shoulder dress is a really good option for you. You can either go with a long one-shoulder dress, or turn things a bit hot by going for a shorter dress. Just keep in mind that you do not let the dress extend too much below your knees, as that would really kill the look that you are aiming for. If you have a few extra pounds on your belly and therefore reluctant to wear a one-shoulder dress even though you are craving to go for it, pair it up with a gathered skirt, which will help you to mask the bulging belly to an extent.

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    If you have been to a number of cocktail parties, you would have surely noticed a lot of women dressed in a front-type dress that is short and has colourful flowers printed on it. This is called the shift dress and is a popular choice for women who frequently visit cocktail parties. You need a good body frame to pull the dress off. The dress is ideal for cocktail parties in summer, though you can start wearing it as early as spring and continue to go with it until autumn ends.

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    Though not typically seen at cocktail parties, the cocktail dress is very much a summer cocktail party outfit option. It is closer to the formal look that is commonly seen in offices and is most commonly chosen by women who go straight from the boardroom to a cocktail party. You can reduce the formal element from the dress even more by doing away with the jacket. Women who are not too confident about their slightly round figure will find this dress ideal for them.

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    If you have a killer body, one that has been getting you instant attention whenever you walk into a room, the sheath dress is definitely what you would want to wear at a cocktail party. The figure-hugging dress is almost always worn short. You can choose between a sheath dress with straps or without straps.

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