Symptoms of Heartburn and Indigestion

Most people all over the world make a mistake of not differentiating between heartburn and indigestion. Often people complain of heartburn, not knowing that heartburn is not a condition but a symptom of indigestion.

Indigestion is also known as dyspepsia and is used by people to describe different symptoms linked with the stomach and gastro-intestinal system. People of all ages and both sexes suffer from this, however, excessive use of alcohol, drugs and smoke can worsen this condition.

Heartburn which is also known as pyrosis, includes a burning sensation in the chest behind the ribs or the upper abdomen. In heartburn, the pain originates from the chest and may lead to other places in the body (usually the neck and the throat).


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    Heartburn Symptoms:
    - Eating chocolates, peppermint, fatty foods, and acid foods
    -  Having a hernia
    -  Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    -  Side effects from medication
    -  A sour taste
    -  Burning feeling in the chest
    - Throat or neck ach

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    Indigestion Symptoms:
    - Ulcers, gastritis and pancreatitis
    - Feeling of being anxious and stressed
    - Side effects due to certain medication
    - Smoking
    - Discomfort in the belly region
    - The feeling of being uncomfortably full after eating
    - The discharge of gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth
    - The feeling of being sick
    - Having heartburn
    - Feeling puffy

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    Causes of Indigestion
    - Ulcers
    - Gastroesophageal reflux disease
    - Stomach cancer, although this is quite rare
    - Infections in the stomach
    - Changes in bowel movements
    - Inflammation of the pancreas

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    - It is best advised to eat smaller and frequent meals instead of large meals that expand your stomach and could consequently lead to indigestion.
    - Limit the use of beverages as they cause heartburn
    - Do not lie down for extended periods of time after a meal as this prevents the flow of digestive juices from your stomach to your intestines.
    - Smoking is not recommended if you are suffering from indigestion. It triggers the production of stomach acids which results in indigestion, leading to heartburn.
    - Refrain from the use of alcohol if you are aiming to control this problem of yours.
    - You need to relax more and avoid taking too much stress, although stress has not been directly linked with this condition, still it can trigger heartburn.
    - Avoid wearing tightly fitted clothes and belts

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