Taming the Dragon in Your Child

Are you tired of your child’s anger? Do you think one fine day you will just lose your temper and end up punishing your kid? Well, you just need to realise that children at a young age often get angry. It can be due to many different reasons. You can either ask them to stop gently, or you can get to know more about the child’s anger problems and the reason behind it. Just inquire why exactly your kid is so angry and only then will you be able to tame the dragon within your child.


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    First, you need to stop judging you child because of his/her anger. They mostly get angry because they think it will help them get whatever they want. At this point it totally depends on your reaction to the situation. If you keep promoting anger and keep offering your child with whatever they need, then they will get angrier and one day they might even intimidate you as it will be hard for you to take decisions.

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    You must understand the warning signs and you must know when your child is going to get angry. Notice the little things that make him/her angry. Spend a little time off from your work just to observe what your child likes and dislikes. This will eventually help you to eradicate the anger problem altogether. It is not difficult to understand what your child gets angry about. You can simply sit and watch your child play with other kids.

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    Make a goal for yourself and make a checklist of things that you want to accomplish when it comes to dealing with a child’s anger. For example, the first thing could be that you want to be in control. You should know how to gain that control and you can stop your child from being angry simply by being nice to him/her.

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    Start praising your child. They simply love it when elders approach them just to tell them how they have been doing a great job and how they are the best. This will help them cool down for a bit. Moreover, a child only desires love and compassion from their parents and loved ones. Make sure you are offering him/her with whatever time they need, or they will eventually end up being sad or angry, depending upon their nature and how they deal with things.

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