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With the advent of modern and hygienic techniques the trend of tattooing has increased to a great extent and lots of Londoners nowadays are getting themselves tattooed. Tattooing is fun, but you must take care of hygiene too while getting it done. The better way to get a tattoo is to visit a tattoo artist in his studio as he has complete equipment there. These studios employ certified and well-trained professionals and adhere to strict regulations set by the Local Council of that area in London. Almost all tattoo studios of London demand a cash payment and appointments are made by visiting them in person. If you are interested in getting a tattoo then you can have lots of choices to choose a tattoo studio in London.


  • 1

    Extreme Needle

    Employing professional, well-trained tattoo and award winning tattoo artists, Extreme Needle has also started Microdermal implants. A big reference library is also available in addition to custom and free hand tattooing and body piercing.

  • 2

    Diamond Jacks Tattoo Parlour

    Diamond Jacks Tattoo Parlour offers thousands of designs to their clients which are already in their stock. The parlour also works on customized designs brought in by customers and strictly follows the hygiene regulations set by the government.

  • 3

    Tattoo 13

    Body piercing, implants and tattoos are all available at tattoo 13. The consultations provided by tattoo 13 are free, walk-ins are welcome but tattoo 13 highly recommends to make an appointment before visiting them.

  • 4

    Frith St Tattoo

    Established in 2004, Frith St Tattoo, is a Tattoo studio employing several artists who are specialized in making tattoos. Frith St Tattoo studio recommends to visit them and make an appointment to discuss your demand with their tattoo artist.

  • 5

    13 diamonds

    13 diamonds provides tattoos, tattoo redesigns and cover-ups. 13 diamonds also gives piercing and tattoo inspired apparel and free consultation to their clients.

  • 6

    Black Garden Tattoo

    Black Garden Tattoo brings great tattoo artists skilled and experienced in the tattooing art. It is a good option to visit especially for those living in or close to central London.

  • 7

    Kings Cross Tattoo

    Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour specializes in giving tattoo of all shapes and styles. They are also open on Sundays only by appointment.

  • 8

    The family business

    Started in 2003, The family business, is a tattoo studio offering numerous beautiful and attractive tattoo designs to its clients. Their artists are well experienced and have a great prowess on the skill and art of tattooing.

  • 9

    Metal Morphosis

    Tattoos, body jewellery, aftercare products, tattoo removals, microdermal implants, piercing and stretching are all provided by Metal Morphosis. The artists / technicians have a great grasp on their work and leave no stone unturned to satisfy the customers.

  • 10

    London Tattoo

    London Tattoo is another reliable brand in the Tattooing industry. The London Tattoo knows its craft well and brings reliable and efficient care for their customers.

  • 11

    Skunx Tattoo

    Skunx Tattoo is yet another great place to visit if you are seeking to get tattooed. Skunx tattoo like other studios offers the best of tattoo craft and provides great care to the clients.

  • 12

    Soul Rise Tattoo and Piercing

    Soul Rise Tattoo and Piercing offers Tattoos, Ear piercing, body piercing and dermal anchors to its clients. Clients always get a satisfactory response from the tattoo specialists of the studio.

  • 13

    Flamin Eight

    Located in Kentish Town, Flamin Eight, provides tattoos to its proud clients. The tattoo artists can deftly draw any shape or design demanded by the customer.

  • 14

    Happy Sailor Tattoo

    Shoreditch area of London has a famous tattoo studio known as Happy Sailor Tattoo. People visit Happy Sailor Tattoo to get tattoos and piercings. The studio provides a great aftercare and makes it a point to make their customers happy with their service.

  • 15

    Docs Tattoo studio and body piercing

    Docs Tattoo studio and body piercing brings about 40 years of tattooing experience. You can discuss with Mr. Doc the designs that you wish and you will get a tattoo exactly as per your desire.

  • 16

    Hammersmith Tattoo

    Hammersmith Tattoo is open seven days a week and their expert and skilled gives a great customized experience as per customers’ demands. Any desing or shape can easily be drawn by the tattoo artists of Hammersmith Tattoo.

  • 17

    No Limit

    No Limit is located at Bacon Street in the Brick lane area of London. It provides all sorts of shapes in the form of tattoos and also do cover ups or reshaping any existing tattoos.

  • 18

    Scratchline tattoo

    Scratchline tattoo is a renowned name among custom tattoo studios and performs its job of tattooing with utmost care and diligence. The clients are always satisfied with their craft.

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