The World Islands Dubai Overview

Dubai’s economic boom fueled a real estate market that was red hot for many years. During this time of speculation many unique ideas were being developed by real estate companies. One of these out of the box ideas was The World Islands which is a group of man made islands four kilometers off the coast of Dubai. The archipelago is roughly in the shape of a world map and each island group is named after areas or countries of the world. The developers of the exciting project is Nakheel Properties who are following the vision of the ruler of Dubai who conceived the idea of the World Islands. Currently the islands are still under construction and the only properties open on the archipelago is the model home for display and the Royal Island Beach Club.

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    Sheikh Mohammad, the ruler of Dubai, anounced the World Island project  in May of 2003. Work commenced quickly and only 3 months later the heavy machinery was out at sea. The dredging work continued and the man made island started to appear slowly. 2008 was a break through year for the islands and 60% of the properties were sold out. Interestingly, the same year the final touches were put on the island and all work was complete. To date, no homes have yet been built on the island.

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    Things to See on The World Islands Dubai

    - The islands themselves are a miracle of human ingenuity and a boat tour around the man made archipelago is a great experience.

    - Two islands that are in the works and are under construction are the OQYANA World First and the Irish themed island.

    - The Royal Island Beach Club is the only operational resort on The World Islands.

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    Operational Hours

    The World Islands are a mixed use development so are open all the time to allow residents to move around. The different hotels and venues located in the development have their own timings.

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    How to Contact The World Islands

    Th best way to get in touch is to speak with the developers of the projects: Nakheel.
    Telephone: +971 4 390 3333
    Fax: +971 4 390 3314

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    Off the coast of Dubai

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    How to Get to The World Islands Dubai

    There are no metro or bus stops to the islands. The best way to reach the location is by rented or chartered boat.

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