These healthy foods and drinks will grow your waistline

These healthy foods and drinks will grow your waistline.  There are lots of food items, which are marketed as ‘healthy’ foods and drinks that are actually bad for you.  New year is around the corner and we are all trying to drop a few pounds to fit in to that little sparkly little number you plan on wearing to the office holiday party? To help you fit in that dress better, i’m doing my part.  Regardless of what the marketers say, these foods and drinks may even seem healthy, but are the real cause behind why you may not been able to drop that last little bit of weight before holiday party season goes into full swing.

Low-fat yogurt: This product is marketed as healthy alternative to the regular yummy yogurt but when you remove fat from yogurt,  it must be replaced with something else for flavour and texture.  Because if it doesn’t taste good, hardly anyone will buy it. Either you find out what the low fat yogurt has and most likely it will be added sugar or go for plain, unflavoured, regular-fat yogurt, which most our parents eat way before this “low fat yogurt” craze came along. For extra flavor you can add some honey or sprinkle some cinnamon on top.




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    Almond milk: When i first heard almond milk was actually not as good as it was marketed, i really had to do the research myself. I loved Almond milk so here is the verdict.  Cutting dairy out of  your diets when you are trying to be healthier doesn't make sense. Cow milk is good for you and we all know most milk alternatives are not healthy alternatives. Just like the low fat yogurts, the packaged almond milk, the alterna-milk du jour, must have something more to make it tasty and yes, you guessed it right, it often has added sugars. Plus, here is another point to take home, unless almond milk is fortified, drinking it as a good source of protein, calcium or vitamin D is waste of money.

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    Red wines : Red red wine, makes me feel so fine. Yes, forget about that song, even though in reality there are several studies, which have found that the resveratrol in red wine might help prevent heart disease. But, what people don't understand is that drinking a whole bottle with your dinner every night does the opposite.  The key is the quantity, normal rule of thumb is, if you are a women, limit yourself to one glass of any alcoholic drink per day and if you are a man, you can shoot for two.  If you are calorie counting, a six-ounce glass of vino has about 110 calories. Cut alcohol down and you will see your waistline go down with it.

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    Gluten-free cookies: This is my favorite, the gluten free diet made so many headlines, lots of people didn't even know what it meant but wanted everything gluten free.  Cookie makers jumped on the bandwagon and started pushing their cookies. Here is a simple question, A gluten-free cookie, is it still not a cookie?  And, often while gluten-free products are marketed as “health living”, they are just as bad if not even worse than the real food being replaced. Why? you guessed it right, just like the Almond milk and fat free yogurt, to compensate for the lack of flavour and texture manufacturers add unhealthy additives. If you really have the urge to have a cookie, have a real one, this way at least you will know to limit your intake.  This advice is not for those  who can’t process gluten.

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    Microwave popcorn: My partner buys it all the time, sits in front of the TV and makes them disappear.  After researching, this is what i found. microwave popcorn is often “really high in saturated fat and sodium, and we know saturated fats and extra sodium is not good for us.  I told my partner to  buy popcorn maker and buy popcorn kernels and let's make our own popcorn. Since that takes time and effort, our consumption of microwave popcorn has gone down a lot. Make your own and for flavour, add some freshly ground pepper and a small amount of real butter.

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    Granola bars: Fast and easy alternative to fighting hunger is how lots of people look at granola bars but that is far from the truth. There is hardly any difference between Granola bars and Chocolate bars. Don't let marketers fool you.

    If you’re hungry and want something fast and you must eat a granola bar, do yourself a favor and read the label.  Make sure it has at least four grams of fibre and less than eight grams of sugar. If you really want to still be eating the bars without reading the labels, just like making your own popcorn,  consider making a batch of granola bars from scratch.  This way you know what’s in them.


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