Things Mentally Strong People Do

Being mentally strong is the foundation for wholesome health.  Operating with a strong mental capacity will translate into an improved sense of self-esteem and a positive solution based attitude. If you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, you could be suffering from a weakened mental state.

Being mentally strong is a state of mind that can be achieved. With the right training, you can develop your mental strength.


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    Know Your Essentials

    Mentally strong people know that 80% of their time should go into the 20% of their interests that will develop them in a meaningful whether this means acquiring a skill or maybe even building personal relationships.  They know what they have and intend to make the best use of it. Everything else is secondary. How influential they can become, the size of their bank account, other environmental factors, people’s opinion does not really count. They are confident in who they are. They see those things as irrelevant and focus on their passions and the things that bring them joy, contentment and peace. They are not bothered about the frivolities of the society.

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    Society today moves as a fast pace than it did many years ago. Our culture of “NOW!” makes you feel anything that is now achieved “Now!” is a failure and you should just give up. But mentally strong people have the ability to wait, they know that there would be a fight another day, and then they would win, so they are patient even after falling or failing, they take their time and prepare until another day. This also toughens them to be better and learn from their mistakes and with more experiences comes with more ways to tackle a problem. Patient people know this, so they wait, waiting for their turn and then they cease it.

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    Use Failure To Their Benefit

    Mentally strong people don’t give up on failure; they do not allow the failure of a thing to step from achieving their goal. They are determined people, the quote; “fall down 7 get up 8” is for this people. They refuse to acknowledge failure and press forward regardless of the circumstances.

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    Time Conscious  

    This people are focused, they cannot be derailed from the agenda they’ve set themselves for, they’re disciplined to do their work and do them efficiently. They manage their time wisely.

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    Do Not Live in The Past

    Mentally strong people know that progress can’t be attained by looking back, they see the mistakes from the past and avoid it. They are people of the present and of the future. They make mistakes but then they learn and they rise up. It’s easier to wallow in self-pity or explain how you at least tried. They are not bound by the past.

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    Emotionally Strong

    Mentally strong people are emotionally strong, that is, they can control their emotions and know when to display emotions and when to hold it in. When taking a decision in any situation, they do not allow their emotions take a better part of them or they are not clouded by their emotions to reflect bad Judgments.

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    Purpose Driven People

    This people know what they want and they go after it, they are cannot be detracted from the path they’ve set. They have set goals and they don’t allow distractions from anyone. They are just focused.

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    These people are joyful. They do not allow frustration, sadness or pain to get to them. They feel these emotions and then do something about them. They do not wallow in self pity or get depressed. They prevent themselves from being in such situations and work on whatever that caused them to be in that place in the first place.

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    Anyone you see standing up for something or someone is an emotionally strong person. This people stand up to the truth or a bully. They are kind, fair and unafraid to speak up even if they are the only ones doing so.

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    They celebrate other people's achievements or success, they are not jealous and resent their mates for doing well. instead they congratulate them and work better on themselves to achieve better. Some even ask for advice to do better.

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    Do Not Dwell In Your Comfort Zone

    This people are daring and like to go to places or areas where no one has dared ventured. In business, they reach for the impossible and take calculated risks. They are not limited by the "impossible" or cannot be done. They are going to take chances.

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    This people embrace change. They are not fixed on an ideology, a certain path. They are open to new possibilities to be better and are unafraid to try new things. They see change as an opportunity to explore and do bigger things.

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    Mentally strong people Love. They are not held back by the troubles love brings, no matter how many times they are heartbroken. They know true love will find them come what may, they are not bitter, revengeful or full of hate whereby they are incapable of loving anyone again, instead they love strongly and fiercely than before, even when the relationship has ended. They are kind and compassionate.

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    These people are giving. They give everything from their time to their money and gifts, and also tend to share on their wisdom in any area. They are not selfish people but are very generous in all things.

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    To Sum Up

    Attaining mental strength is not a one day job. But a steadfast continuous practice of being positive and only associating yourself to things that will keep you in the right frame of mind. It is the ability to continually steer away from negativity. Nobody is born with the ability to be mentally strong, it is one of the things one has to incorporate into their mentality as they venture through the storms that life offers.

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