Things to Do in London in February

London is an extravaganza of sky-scrappers, monuments and greenery. Tourists keep on visiting London throughout the year, although September is the best month to visit this Capital city because of pleasant weather but actually there are plenty of fascinating things to do throughout the year in the city of London. The month of February is windy and wet, it’s the time for winter dresses and umbrellas. From Chinese New Year to Valentine’s Day, there are number of spectacular activities in London like venues to celebrate Valentine’s Day, different kind of Exhibitions and celebrations that makes it a superb place to visit even in cool month of February.


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    Chinese New Year in London

    Chinese New Year is the biggest festival of the year celebrated at end of January and mid of February. It is the time for Chinese communities to celebrate just like the Easter for Christians. The starting date of celebration varies according to lunar calendar and starts every year from Trafalgar Square at 10:15 am.

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    Clown Service, London

    Every year clowns from all over the world gather to attend church service at Holy Trinity Church, East London on the first Sunday of February. Clowns attend this ceremony in their typical costume and full make-up to perform after the regular holy services in the memory of their 'father', Joseph Grimaldi.

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    Leap Day

    Leap Day is celebrated in London as it comes after every four years.There are number of events and celebrations that used to occur on this day. An old tradition associated with this Leap day in UK is that woman can propose man, and this custom is still being strictly followed in various areas.

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    London Theater

    The first half of February is best time to get into London Theater. It’s an incredible place showing top shows, dance workshops, live thriller and many more at discounted tickets. Booking starts at end of every year for the upcoming February.

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    Valentine's Day Ideas in London

    London can be one of the best venue for having a memorable time along with your beloved. There are number of romantic options to avail to make the valentine day perfect and special.

    London Eye is best place to visit on valentine day due to its ‘Cupid’s Capsule’ and ‘Red Rose Experience'

    Orient Express is remarkable and perfect place for fabulous Valentine Day lunch and dinner.

    Royal Observatory,Greenwich with its romantic,  fancifully themed evening with the celebrities is worth visiting for couples.

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    Pancake Day

    Pancake Day also called Shrove Tuesday is the day before lent (40 days fasting period) starts. This day is celebrated in Western countries also in UK during the month of February. On this traditional feast day, people of London used to eat different kinds of pan cakes.

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    Pancake Races, UK

    Since 55 years it became a famous tradition to organize Pancake Races. These races are held in towns and villages usually organized by local small communities. This event occurs every year on Pancake Day among women and most of the people participate in the races regardless of their culture and religion. The purpose of this event is to raise charity.

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    Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent in the Christian’s calendar. It is a 40 days period occurs before Easter. On this day ashes are marked on foreheads of worshipers as a symbol of mortality.

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    Brits Awards

    Brits Awards are the annual British industry’s pop music awards, just like the Grammy Awards of America. Brits Award Ceremony occurs every year in the month of February to honor the British and International music.

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    Maslenitsa, London

    Maslenitsa is Russian traditional family festival that occurs every year in London to farewell winter season at end of February. This festival comprises of exclusive theater performances, musical events, Russian art and handicraft exhibitions.

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