Things to Do on Valentines Day in London

London is a city with a lot of options for romance and love birds who want to celebrate February 14th. Londoners wait for this day despite a heavy winter season but things remains unchanged for this beautiful city on this special day. Like the architecture of some of London’s old streets and the splendid sights of Thames river winding its way through the city, there are a multitude of romantic activities to do in England’s capital. People come out from their homes with flowers in their hands to celebrate the event. Here is the list things which could be done on Valentine’s Day.


  • 1

    Visit romantic places

    Couples will find it fascinating to visit all the romantic places in London. There are a number of romantic places in London such as:

    a) River Thames

    b) Clos Maggiore

    c) La Poule Au Pot

  • 2

    Attend special Valentine's Day concerts in London

    Every year lots of music concerts are held in London on the special day of Valentine. These concerts don't just allow you to have some fun together but also have great music. Here is the detail of few venues where you can enjoy concerts every year.

    a) Cadogan Hall

    b) HMV Hammersmith Apollo

  • 3

    Skating at Alexandra Palace

    Another fantastic thing to do in February is skating at Alexandra Palace. It is a splendid place to enjoy the winter season with your loved one and create memories you will cherish for life.

  • 4

    Visiting Cinemas on Valentine

    There are several cinemas in London which attract love birds who want to enjoy a good flick together. Here are few of those cinemas which can be visited on this special day to watch some romantic movies.

    a) Vue Entertainment

    b) Odeon Cinema

  • 5

    Visiting Restaurants on Valentine

    Going out for a dinner on valentine is the best thing for couples. There are numerous restaurants in London which serve excellent food including special arrangements for this particular day. Here are a few of the restaurants you can visit on February 14th:

    a) Planet Hollywood

    b) Sticky Fingers

  • 6

    Going to a comedy center on Valentine

    If you are in the mood to laugh out with your partner then to a comedy centre is another good idea for Valentine's Day in London. There are several good places for this purpose, where the best comedians amuse people with their performances.

    a) Comedy Cafe

    b)The Comedy Store

  • 7

    Have a picnic at a park

    London has some of the best parks and commons, all of which are ideal for picnics and lazy mornings. If you want to spend some peaceful time with your loved one on Valentine's Day, here are a few parks you can visit:

    a) Regents Park

    b) Hampstead Heath

    c) Hyde Park

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