Thoughts of a Guy on the First Date

Knowing how to act and comport yourself will help you achieve your dream date at the end of the day.  There are so many factors guys consider when on a date with a lady and there’s a good chance, none of them include what you are thinking. A lot of women worry about the wrong things when going on first dates, but in this article we’ll show you the essentials that will give you real insight into what guys are really thinking. Finally you get to peer behind the jokes, flirtatious smiles and small talk to get to what really goes on in the heads of guys on a first date.


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    Does she always talk this much?

    One thing any guy would notice is how the conversation you both are having goes. particularly in terms of just how much talking you do. As tempting as it can be for you to talk about yourself, it is important to create a balance. Ask him a question, and let him ask you one, don’t be afraid of those silences in between. Just don’t cover the whole discussion.

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    Can I afford taking her out?

    Most guys like a woman who can eat but be careful not set-off the alarm bells by eating as though you are making your first sighting of food after a year on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. As much as guys want their women to be feel free to eat and chill, they also want a them to maintain a bit of that famous ladylike modesty.

    That doesn’t mean you should order leaves as your meal for the day, be sure to take less of what you would normally take, succeed on the first date and then the second one there is room to eat more. Except this person is your friend, it is advisable to wait for them to order and see what they order, or letting them choose, or better still stay within safe zone.

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    What do we share in common?

    It is important to observe the person you are on a date with, is he shy and you are bold, is he quiet and you are the life of a party. Men want a woman that will complement them, not one that will overshadow him or make him withdraw if he is the outgoing type. Sometimes some dates are not meant to be, not because they are bad individuals, but because they don’t complement each other. Some people can ignore the odds and a great relationship can come out of the “opposites attracts” syndrome. But other than that, he is matching “ Xs and Os “ to know if she can fit in her world. So ladies if you think you like your date well enough then be ready to fit in his world.

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    Is she the girl I can take home?

    He might not necessarily be a mama’s boy but mama has got to approve and if she doesn’t then there is an issue. Of course, your relationship is your choice and so that includes your happiness, but are you the type of girl he can bring home to his mama? That should make you rethink that short skimpy dress and excessive cleavage.

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    Does she hang out with other guys?

    O well, one should remember that all these questions this man is asking is in his head, this should pin point to the lady, are you fun enough for your date’s friends to like you enough to hang out with them. If he likes you is one thing, it’s another thing if his friends like you too as he wouldn’t want to bring you amongst them and there is this awkward feeling and there you have it. This mean’s one has to be yourself and laugh and just be you to get a tick in this end.

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    Is she a private person?

    Nobody wants to date the girl that will quickly update her Facebook, twitter page, Instagram after her first date. Most guys like to be on the down low until they know where they are heading to, and so does a lady, but whereas as a girl you have already mentioned how obsessive you are with your social life, he is going to be wondering if after all your relationship phase ends, would you start spilling information to the world in the form of “advise”.

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    Is she trustworthy?

    Most guys want a friend, someone they could talk to, one that is not full on testosterone   or full of motherly love. Can he look at you and say he can lay his hearts of the hearts with you? Can he bare himself out to you?

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    All this should be areas a woman should look out for, before rushing on their first date. Relationships is business and life and death in way, it is important to ask yourself if you can handle the chaos and serenity of the ocean. Ladies should look into themselves and ask am I ready?

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