Tips to Prevent Chemical Poisoning

Exposure to common household chemicals and pesticides is one of the major reasons of poisoning. This trend is increasing with each passing day, especially among young children. These chemicals are poisonous and can also cause skin diseases. The worst part is that there are many sources through which chemical poisoning can occur, ranging from bath and kitchen disinfectants and sanitizers, cleaning products, paints, hair and nail products to rat poison, weed killers, insect repellents and flea shampoos.

These are all items which are part of every household and are generally considered harmless. However, when ingested or handled in a wrong way, can cause great harm. It is therefore necessary to take preventive measures against poisoning from these sources, and this is exactly the stream which has been addressed in this article.


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    Proper Storage

    This is the first, simplest and the most important preventive measure. Any pesticide or chemical fluid, which can result in direct or indirect poisoning, should always be stored in a cabinet or a shed, which is away from the reach of children and pets.

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    Be Sure about What you are Buying

    Green products have becomes a rage when it comes to home cleaning and maintenance products. More and more service providers are switching to these products to increase their market value by providing more safety assurance. If you are buying these products in an individual capacity, ensure that you read the labels properly and preferably the buy the products which are least harmful.

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    Don’t Leave the Chemicals Unattended

    Under no circumstances should you leave these chemicals unattended. If you are in the middle of using these chemicals and face some interruption in the form of phone call or a guest, be sure to close the container holding these chemicals and stow them properly before diverting your attention. Your minor carelessness can expose others to harm.

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    Transfer Properly

    People often have the tendency to recycle soda plastic bottles and other food containers. It is not a bad thing, but never use these containers for transporting or storing chemicals. There is a high possibility that even an adult can mistakenly consume it.

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    Clear the Working Area

    In case you are working with pesticides or insect control chemicals, make sure than you remove children, pets and toys etc from the surroundings.

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