Top 10 Ancient Cities that are Still Around

Since the dawn of civilisation, human beings have been building planned settlements in the form of cities. Some of the cities that were built in ancient times are still being inhabited by people. Of course the living standard in these cities is much better than what is used to be in the past. These ancient cities can be found in different countries of the world such as Turkey, Israel, China, India etc. Here is a list of 10 ancient cities that are still around and are still inhabited.


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    Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, was founded in 660 BC. It was the capital of the Roman Empire until 1453. Currently, Istanbul is the largest city of the Republic of Turkey.

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    Rome was founded in 753 BC. A group of urban villages was initially known as Rome until it became one of the most important cities in human history.

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    Damascus is the capital city of Syria. In modern days, Damascus is also known as the City of Jasmine. This ancient city was founded in 1700 BC.

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    Founded in 1400 BC, Athens is another city on the list of 10 ancient cities that are still around. Currently, it is the capital city of Greece. Athens is known for its rich European history and culture.

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    Lisbon, which is currently the capital city of Portugal, was founded in 1200 BC. In 1755, Lisbon was struck by a devastating earthquake which left the city nearly in ruins.

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    Located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi was founded in 1200 BC. In India, it is the oldest city which is still inhabited.

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    Cholula initially started out as a pre-Columbian city and was founded in 500 BC. Great Pyramid of Cholula is the most famous historical site in this ancient city.

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    Xi’an, an ancient Chinese city, was founded in 1100 BC. Historical monuments and ruins from the Ming Dynasty can be found in abundance in this ancient city.

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    Founded in 2000 BC, Jerusalem is considered to be a holly city by Christians, Muslims, and Judaists. Currently, Jerusalem is under occupation by Israel.

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    Plovdiv is modern day Bulgaria’s second largest city. It was founded before 400 BC. Plovdiv was a part of the Thracian settlement at the time of its founding. Back then, it was known as Eumolpus.

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