Top 10 Bad Effects of Smoking on Health

A lot of people smoke to look fashionable and cool. On the other hand, some people smoke due to pressure from the friends as they want to hang out with the popular guys. If your group is on a cigarette break and you do not want to miss out the bonding time. Majority of the individuals are too addicted to smoking that they cannot leave it, even though they know it has a lot of negative effects on your health and looks. Be aware of the fact that smoking affects the smoker and even people near him.


  • 1

    Hazardous to health

    Smoking is a big cause of fatal lung disease and can result in cancers, strokes, reduced blood circulation and coronary heart disease. Aged people who smoke a lot are more likely to die of heart attacks.

  • 2

    Harmful to other people

    Secondhand smoking is more harmful and can reduce your life. It also leads to cancers and respiratory diseases. It is said to be more hazardous for secondhand smokers than the person smoking himself.

  • 3


    A person who does not smoke will stay away from you as he fears secondhand smoking will cause diseases to him.

  • 4

    Bad odour

    Smokers usually have a bad smell such as an ashtray. It can be smelled from your clothing and can cause distress and result in problems for healthy non-smokers.

  • 5

    Breathing problems

    Chain smokers have breathing hardships. They get the smokers cough and it can cause asthma attacks in kids.

  • 6

    Harmful for fetuses

    It also has a bad effect on a woman’s unborn kid. Pregnant ladies are advised to avoid smoking and even secondhand smoking as that can cause prenatal diseases to the fetus.

  • 7

    Teeth issues

    It can result in oral problems and can make you lose teeth. If you stop smoking during the treatment, there are more chances of recovery.

  • 8

    Skin problems

    Moreover, smoking raises the chances of developing face wrinkles. A recent research showed wrinkles were more common in smokers than non-smokers.

  • 9


    People who smoke complain of coughing fits even when they are not smoking. A throat irritation is also a common issue for chain smokers. Whenever the weather changes, they experience throat problems because of too much smoking.

  • 10

    Smoking causes irritation

    We all know smoking is very hard to give up. Nicotine is an addictive drug and if you try to leave smoking you have withdrawal symptoms which are quite unpleasant.

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