Top 10 Best Airlines in the World

Travelling by air might seem scary to few people it is the safest and most comfortable journey you can have to distant lands. Every country has its flag bearing airlines but the quality of service being provided during the air journeys differs a lot. Of course you will have to pay more to have better comfort during the flights, however, you should be aware of the best airline services operating across the globe to make your journeys memorable. Skytrax organised the set of best airlines in the world, ranking them through a benchmark of passenger satisfaction and the analysis of business and leisure travels.


  • 1

    Qatar Airways

    For the second year in a row, Qatar Airways has won the title of the best airline services from Skytrax. The Middle Eastern airline provides unmatchable passenger service and ultimate comfort during flights, along with a wide range of menu. Caviar with sour cream, fourme d’ambert, Balik salmon and foie grass with sweet and sour leek salad are some of the specialities offered during the Qatar Airways’ flights.

  • 2

    Asiana Airlines

    Winner of the Best Airlines in Asia title, Asiana Airlines offers one of the most comfortable air journeys to its passengers, with a wide Korean cuisine at the disposal during the flights.

  • 3

    Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines is among the only airlines which posses an Airbus A380. They provide extremely luxurious travelling facilities, with standalone bed and fine linen designed by Givenchy.

  • 4

    Cathy Pacific

    Providing you with kits from Acca Kappa, Italian travel bags from Ermenegildo Zegna, Aesop products from Australia and travel pouches from Ipa-Nima, Cathy Pacific is considered to be the fourth best airline service in the world. Food is made-to-order on the flights of this Hong Kong-based airline.

  • 5

    All Nippon Airways (ANA)

    ANA comes at number three when it comes to the Worlds’ Best First Class Airlines but it falls to number five when compared overall with other brands.

  • 6

    Etihad Airways

    Another Middle Eastern airline comes into the Top 10 Best airlines of the world. Etihad Airways is ranked as number one First Class Airline for the last two years.

  • 7

    Turkish Airlines

    Winning Best Airline awards in Europe and Southern Europe, Turkish Airlines comes at number seven in the list of Top 10 best airlines of the world.

  • 8


    With amazing in-flight entertainment and passenger satisfaction, Emirates is considered to one of the most comfortable airline to travel all over the world.

  • 9

    Thai Airways

    The flag bearer of Thailand, Thai Airways has won the World’s Best Airport Services award.

  • 10

    Malaysian Airlines

    Malaysian Airlines carries its flights to a wide range of destinations across the globe and has won the hearts of many passengers through its unmatchable service and care.

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