Top 10 Best Dogs for Kids

Choosing a dog for your kids can be an uphill task as you have to keep many things in mind. You must consider the size, breed, temperament, energy level etc to make sure you get a suitable dog. It is also very important that your dog gets along with your family and lifestyle.

Mostly people believe in keeping dogs for hunting and security purposes; however, that is not the only role they can play. Varying dog breeds have different characteristics, qualities and consequently roles. There are several breeds which are very friendly and protective and are ideally suited for kids.


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    Bull Dog:

    Whether you have a large house or a small apartment; this dog can live easily without creating any disturbance. The additional benefit is that the Bull Dogs are really friendly and obedient, making them good companions for kids.

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    Usually, these dogs are used for hunting purposes but they can also become perfect pets for your kids. However, you will have to keep an eye on them as they are very energetic and restless. Moreover, extra effort is required to keep them neat and clean.

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    Bull Terrier:

    If you want a protective yet friendly and loyal dog then a Bull Terrier is your best bet. This dog will not only keep your kids engaged but will also protect them if the need arises.

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    If your kids are learning how to train dogs, you should get a Collie without a second thought. They are mild, friendly and easily trainable. Traditionally they are herding dogs and can play an important role in disciplining your kids. However, Collies needs extra attention as compared to other breeds.

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    This breed is so fond of children that it is called  “nature’s babysitter”. While they are big in size, children are not intimidated by them since they are very friendly.

  • 6


    While this breed is not very popular, Vizslas prove to be very effective partners for kids. Loyalty, affection, intelligence and a playful nature make these the ideal companions for your children.

  • 7

    Irish Setter:

    If you want a dog that can learn new tricks quickly and entertain your kids, you should look into getting an Irish setter. This dog is not only friendly but also very energetic - qualities which make it suitable for children.

  • 8


    Poodles are undoubtedly one of the best dogs that you can bring to your home. They are not only playful and friendly but also shed very little and don't make a mess.

  • 9

    Labrador Retriever:

    Apart from good looks, this dog is also a good match for your kids because of its gentle personality and high level of intelligence.

  • 10

    Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers are one of the best family dogs, given their balanced nature. While these dogs are average in terms of size, they are energetic, loyal and intelligent.

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