Top 10 Cosmetic Companies in USA

Natural beauty is something that has a specific level of respect in the world, but through the usage of quality cosmetics, women are able to significantly boost their looks. There is always a specific preference for women when it comes to the various cosmetic companies in the United States, but a few have managed to stay reputable and on top for years.

Price and affordability obviously plays a huge part for most, but for others, it is all about the label and quality found in some products that may be extremely expensive but still widely sought out and purchased.


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    Throughout the years, MAC has established itself as one of the best names in the cosmetic industry. With its origin in the USA, the brand is renowned for the some of the best products in this extremely competitive market.

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    Founded by David H. McConnell in 1886, Avon is a company that has been in the cosmetics business for ages. From natural to synthetic skin care solutions, Avon is definitely one of the best cosmetic companies in the USA.

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    Another household brand is Revlon as it is not only huge in the cosmetics business but also in making a number of products for women.

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    One of the largets US based brands, CoverGirl is a major name when it comes to the modeling industry and has a strong advertising department to keep it on top.

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    Urban Decay

    Around for over 20 years, Urban Decay has become a major brand name in cosmetics as well since it was basically renowned for its accessories for women.

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    A Swedish based cosmetic company, Oriflame has become one of the largest in the United States because of its ability to stay as one of the best for over 50 years.

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    Maybelline New York

    Maybelline is one of those brands you cannot deny the quality and popularity of. Starting off in New York, it is now one of the biggest in the USA.

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    The French have always been known for their focus on beauty and L’Oreal Paris is a testimony to that. L’Oreal Paris is one of the biggest names in the United States when it comes to cosmetics.

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    A newer face in the United States is Etude. After its huge success in Korea, this brand is an upcoming and major challenger for many others based in the USA.

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    This US based company has a huge array of cosmetic products to choose from and is also one of the most widely used.

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