Top 10 Countries Famous for Food

Food is one of the basic necessities for every human being. All over the world, thousands of dishes are made in a number of different ways. Dishes vary in taste and look. Some dishes do not look very pleasant, even though they are very tasty. Similarly, there are some dishes which are all look and little taste. Furthermore, numerous countries are known for their food all over the world for instance United States, Japan, China and India. Depending on worldwide popularity of a certain country’s food, here is a list of top 10 countries famous for food.


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    Italian Pizzas and Spaghettis are widely eaten all over the world and not to forget Gelato, an Italian ice cream. Apart from these dishes, Tiramisu and Mozzarella are two Italian dishes eaten all over the world.

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    Mexican food is known for its colour and taste; beans and corns being the chief Mexican food ingredients.

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    India has a rich history when it comes to food. Some Indian dishes are as old as 5000 years; Pavbhaji, Dosa, Pani-puri being some of the most delicious Indian dishes.

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    United States:

    America is another famous country in terms of food products. American apple pie, Clam chowder, Pastrami, shoofly pie and Smithfield ham are some of the most famous American dishes.

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    For numerous people all over the world, Chinese food is simply irresistible. Mu Shu pork, Peking duck, Noodles, red bayberry shaped meat ball and Chow Min are some of the most delicious Chinese dishes.

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    Japanese food is similar to Chinese food in a number of aspects. Pancakes, sukiyaki, seaweed biscuits and dried squid are some of the most famous Japanese dishes.

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    Turkish food has a very fine blend of dishes from neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Greece and Syria. Meat, beef, eggplants, beans and onions are commonly used ingredients in Turkish dishes.

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    Sandwiches, pies, fish, chips, black pudding, pork pie and kippers are famous English dishes.

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    France is another country famous all over the world for its food such as baguette, foie grass, and truffles.

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    Peru is at the bottom of the list of countries famous for food all over the world. Cuisines in Peru are known worldwide. Some of Peru dishes date back to the time of French Civilisation in the country. Comida criolla, chifa,Inca Cola and roasted guinea pig are famous dishes in Peru.

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