Top 10 Facebook Strategy Games You Will Love

Strategy games are games which involves making autonomous decision making skills from players who are playing. They require the player to have high situational awareness and decision tree style thinking. There are different types of strategy games available ranging from war games to team strategies. There are also simulation, Eurogames and strategy video games. With the popularity of Facebook, there are now several strategy games available in this social networking site. Some of the strategy games in Facebook are worth playing. You need to give it a try or you will be missing some of the world’s best games.


  • 1

    Empires and Allies

    Zynga production, which has created one of the most famous games in Facebook including the like of Farmville and Cafe world, has made a strategy game known as Empires and Allies. In this game you need to build forces and make alliance with your neighbours in order to defeat the Dark Alliance.

  • 2

    Army Attack

    Army Attack is manufactured by Digital Chocolate. It involves in making you a strong army commander. You gather your troops and fight against bad guys.

  • 3

    Backyard Monsters

    Kixeye’ Backyard Monsters is the game where you make a monster army which protects your backyard. Besides defending your base, your monster army is used to attack other players as well. The monsters are cool and you will love to play with them.

  • 4

    Dragons of Atlantis

    Dragons of Atlantis is one of the popular Facebook strategy games available. Kabam productions created this game and it takes you to the lost world of Atlantis. In this game, there are four tribes who are on war. You need to create your empire and conquer your rivals with help of the powers from Ancient Ones.

  • 5

    Global Warfare

    This game is also developed by Kabam and is set in futuristic world where there is no law and enforcements. You are a general and you take care of your city and army.

  • 6

    Social Empires

    Social Point’s Social Empires is a strategy game in which you are required to build houses, train villagers, create barracks and fight your friends to rule the world.

  • 7

    Kingdoms of Camelot

    Best Facebook game of the year in 2010, Kingdoms of Camelot is worth a shot. It is created by IGN readers and involves you in growing your region and conquering your friends.

  • 8

    Glory of Rome

    You are in Roman era and you need to protect citizens, restore glory of Roman empire and crush invading armies.

  • 9

    City Wars

    Developed by FunStar, in City Wars you need to build a city and defend it from attackers.

  • 10

    Galaxy Online II

    This games involves in building your fleets, strengthen your resources and ruling the galaxy.

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