Top 10 Link Building & Tracking Tools for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the part and parcel of every Internet marketing strategy and there are lots of tools used to ensure that a website’s ranking improves on Google and other popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Webmasters constantly try to make their website more search engine friendly than their peers, but they stop making a progress with their search engine optimization efforts once they stop using latest tools and new techniques. There are a bunch of SEO tools that allows users build backlinks without any hassle. In addition to that, webmasters also use tracking tools to keep tabs on their SEO performance what their competitors are doing.


  • 1

    BuzzStream Link Building

    BuzzStream Link Building tool is perfect for webmasters’ needs as it helps build links to thousands of pages and search engines, making your SEO effort an easy task.

    The best thing with BuzzStream Link Building tool is that it automates the link building process. The website’s CRM system offers webmasters plenty of features of SEO applications and PR.

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    Majestic SEO

    Majestic SEO is a link tracking tool, which is being used by hundreds of webmasters. If you want to get information on any website’s links (external and internal for instance), Majestic SEO is the right place. The website allows you to locate sub domains, referring domains, No Follow links, pages, images, and redirects of a website.

  • 3


    SEOmoz has been one of the greatest SEO tracking tools and most of the webmasters like to put their trust in it when it comes to finding relevant info on a website’s search performance. If you subscribe to the latest SEOmoz PRO, you will get plenty of advanced features of link tracking tools.

    SEOmoz is popular for its inbound link tracking system that allows users to get the most comprehensive information on a website’s SEO efforts. The link tracking system allows you to get link information on each page of a website and most important of all the quality of those links.

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    MozBar is an initiative of SEOmoz, which is extension of Chrome and Firefox. The program allows you to get link information on your browser window.

  • 5

    Wordtracker’s Link Builder

    It is a solid tool in the link prospecting program market. Wordtracker’s Link Builder allows you to track links that matter to your niche and industry.

  • 6

    Advanced Link Manager

    Advanced Link Manager is a complete SEO solution designed to improve on-page optimization.

  • 7


    A comprehensive tool for analytics reports and backlinks.

  • 8


    Tout is an email management solution designed to create automated email messages and find email addresses from websites.

  • 9

    Market Samurai

    Market Samurai is a keyword research tool.

  • 10


    A link finder and building tool.

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