Top 10 Most Difficult Exams in the World

Success comes with hard work and to excel in any field you must give your all. If you require excelling in any particular field, you need to pass some specific exams for that purpose. From Accounting to Medical sciences, you have to give the proof of your knowledge via an exam which can be of a certain level of difficulty. There are some very difficult exams in the world which only a handful of students pass each year and they are the ones who move on to fulfil their respective dream.


  • 1

    Chartered Accountant Examination

    The CA exam is widely considered as one of the most difficult exams in the world. There is immense preparation that goes in to this exam and the time can take from months to years

  • 2


    This is the exam a candidate has to give to become a lawyer. This is also a very tough examination because it requires a great amount of studying and understanding

  • 3


    The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering is a test that is taken for admission in Engineering Universities in India. It is a very competitive test and only a handful of candidates pass

  • 4


    This is a management test conducted by Indian business universities. The scores obtained for this test are valid for up to a year

  • 5

    CISCO certification

    The CISCO certification is a qualification offered by CISCO. If you pass this test, you become a networking expert and it is considered to be a very good achievement in the computer industry

  • 6

    IPS exam

    This is the Indian Police Service examination and is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world as there is a lot of physicality involved

  • 7


    This is another engineering test to enter into engineering universities in India. Over 300,000 students appear in this examination and only 5000 are selected

  • 8


    The National Eligibility Test is a test to become a scientist in India. It is also a very difficult test as there is a lot of technicality involved and there are two choices you have when you clear the test. You can become a Junior Research Fellow or a Lecturer

  • 9

    Language Skills Diagnostic Test

    This is an English language test which is required by many universities in India. You need to have a certain score in this test to go through in the examination

  • 10

    National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

    NEET is a medical examination held in India and a candidate must pass this test in order to become a doctor

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