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Are you looking for good paperback fiction books?

If yes, here is a list of top-10 books that you might find worth reading. Paperback books are still important to avid readers as despite the increase of online and electronic publication, they still sell as good as they used to, a decade or two ago. Fiction books usually grab the attention of young readership and it is the reader’s interest that puts a particular fiction novel on bestseller list.


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    Return to Sender

    Return to Sender, written by Fern Michaels, is a great read. The story is about a young woman who was brought up in a religious family, but is thrown out of her house after she gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby without getting married. When the troubled mother sees that her baby’s father, Nick Pemberton, is not willing to marry her - even though they have been together a long time and she is a mother of his baby - she decides to take revenge, putting everything at stake.

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    Montana is written by Debbie Macomber. The novel is about a woman named Molly whose ailing grandfather makes her return home after a long time. Molly, a mother of two sons, is happy to get back to her old life as her grandfather’s Montana ranch is also one of the few things that had always attracted her. Molly, who is already happy to be back at old ranch along with her sons, starts to feel attracted to ranch hand, Sam Dakota.

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    Killing Floor

    Written by Lee Child, Killing Floor has been on the list of all-time bestsellers. The novel won Barry Award and Anthony Award. Killing Floor features the character Jack Reacher, Child’s ex-military investigator. Jack finds himself in trouble when he gets arrested for a murder in Margrave - a fictional town in Georgia.

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    One Shot

    Another work by Lee Child, One Shot, has grabbed the fiction-lovers’ attention world over. Character Jack Reacher is once again on a mission as he tries to get a murderer who shot 5 people dead. The killer puts the entire city in chaos, but Jack is not about to give up.

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    10th Anniversary

    10th Anniversary is written by James Patterson. Detective Lindsay Boxer is busy in the celebration of her much-awaited wedding, but when she is called to investigate a murder attempt at young girl, she has to forget her own joy.

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    Catch Me

    Written by Lisa Gardner, Catch Me is one of the bestselling fiction novels. The story is about a woman who finds herself in trouble when she learns that she might get killed in the next couple of days. She knows that she has little hope and resorts to help from homicide detective D.D. Warren.

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    Big Sky River

    One of the best fiction novels, Big Sky River features a ranch owner, Sheriff Boone Taylor, who is not into romance at all.Taylor, however, is no longer complacent when a woman buys a ranch next to his.

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    The Columbus Affair

    Steve Berry’s Columbus Affair is a good read if you love thrillers. The novel features an award-winning investigative journalist, Tom Sagan, who along with an enthusiast Zachariah Simon, tries to unearth a centuries-old mystery. But the cost Sagan pays is bigger than he had ever thought.

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    Safe Haven

    Written by Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven remained on the bestseller list for over 18 weeks. The story is about an enigmatic young woman who arrives in a small town in North Carolina and raises several probing questions about her past.

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    Odd Interlude

    Odd Interlude, written by Dean Koontz, remained on the bestseller list for two weeks. Characters Odd Thomas and Annamaria fight off an evil at a roadside outpost. Although Odd has been face-to-face with evil before, the night he stays at Harmony Corner gets much more frightening than he imagined.

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