Top 10 Pranks to Play on Your Facebook Friends

Everyone is on facebook these days. It is the biggest social network without a doubt. So, you can find almost all friends over internet and some random people that match your likings can also be added with mutual consent. However, those friends that are usually found on facebook and are not in real life of yours can be made the victim of the prank quite easily without any lethal damage for you. It is recommended that you don’t do any of the listed activities if the person doesn’t have tolerance to absorb them. Otherwise, it might damage your friendship in return.


  • 1

    Post a nasty comment on your friends post and when the he/she has replied to it, just delete your comment so that it will look like that they are talking to themselves. It will definitely frustrate them and they will go through the fuss of deleting their comment and in most cases, the post as well. So, it is the simplest way to tease a facebook friend.

  • 2

    Take one of their pictures from their photo albums and edit that in a fashion that people will actually laugh out loud on that. You can compare their picture with some nasty animal or a person which will actually be quite funny or maybe edit the picture in a way that the true essence of it is lost and it is turned into a mocking stock.

  • 3

    Make a fan page for your victim with a funny name and add the edited photos over there. Ask your friends to join the page as well.

  • 4

    If the victim posts something on your wall, just make it invisible for the rest of the people. He/she might cuss you or do anything but that won’t hurt you at all because only you would be seeing that intolerant behaviour of your facebook friend.

  • 5

    Tell the victim that you met their idol and post a fake picture but well edited one to make them belief as well.

  • 6

    Copy the pictures of your victim in a photo album. It will frustrate them.

  • 7

    Give their mobile number to different people on facebook. They will get random calls and you will just laugh.

  • 8

    Post a nasty news event on your facebook friend’s wall. Post an event that states a pregnant girl goes wild or a star walks nude on the beach etc.

  • 9

    Randomly tag them in photos everywhere.

  • 10

    Post a link of nasty pages to your facebook friend’s wall.

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