Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Throughout life, people go through different experiences. Some of these experiences impact the mentality of the person and make them think or even act in an abnormal manner. This abnormal thinking and behaviour of a person is known as a disorder. If the disorder is related to the mentality of the person, then it is called a psychological disorder. They are far more common than physical disorders.

As people are getting busier with their lives, they are getting exposed to even more stressful situations and therefore finding themselves at a greater risk of developing a psychological disorder.


  • 1

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    It is arguably one of the most well-known mental disorder. It is a strange anxiety disorder, which involves people finding themselves feel anxious and stressful because of imaginary threats and dangers. They may also act aggressive and at times act strange.

  • 2

    Social Anxiety Disorder

    This disorder involves a person having a fear of society and because of this fear, they isolate themselves from it. They avoid crowded places and when they find themselves surrounded by a crowd, they become nervous.

  • 3

    Bipolar Disorder

    Also known as bipolar affective disorder, this type of psychological disorder involves a person experiencing frequent mood swings through many levels. These mood swings are sudden and can happen at any time.

  • 4


    It is a mental disorder which lowers the thinking ability of the person and makes it a bit retarded. The person finds it difficult to react to things and situations in his surroundings. The psychological disorder also affects all five senses of the person.

  • 5

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder

    More commonly known as dysmorphic syndrome, this strange mental illness involves the patient finding his body parts defective and therefore underestimating their body parts and looks. They spend hours in front of the mirror, observing themselves and not feeling satisfied with they are seeing.

  • 6

    Clinical Depression

    Also known as unipolar disorder and severe disorder, clinical disorder normally happens when a person is feeling sad and low to an extent where he begins to lose his interest in things and society.

  • 7

    Borderline Personality Disorder

    It is a psychological disorder that involves the patient showing varying moods. It can be considered more of a personality disorder. The patient basically suffers from insecurity and emotional instability.

  • 8

    Mental shock in terminologies

    Also known as acute stress disorder, it is a psychological disorder that is related to a state of shock, resulting from a shock and fear. A person who suffers from trauma finds himself at a greater risk of suffering from this disorder.

  • 9

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    It is another very common disorder. It can be caused by facing a situation that has brought the person extremely close to death. This close encounter with death becomes an unforgettable experience for the patient and affects him.

  • 10

    Post Par-tum Depression

    Also known as postnatal depression, it is a classification of clinical disorder. Women are more prone to get affected by it than men.

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