Top 10 Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a great place to spend a vacation with your family and friends because it offers numerous opportunities to experience some of the most unique tourist attractions in the world. A lot of travelers to Dubai think that the desert city has nothing to offer except for shopping malls and indoor activities. In one sense they are right because Dubai does have some spectacular malls and indoor venues.

However, these places of interest are not just any run of the mill locations but are unique one of a kind venues that offer sights and sounds that no other location can. Furthermore, visitors to Dubai in the cooler months of the year will get a chance to actually experience outdoor activities that will give them a chance to live the desert lifestyle. The modern city of Dubai not only has lush green parks for its citizens it also offers exquisite beaches that stretch for miles.


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    Desert Safaris and Feasts

    Visitors cannot go on vacation to the popular middle eastern location with out experiencing a Desert Safari or Feast. The desert expedition is very popular with both visitors and locals and gives people a chance to experience the great beauty of the desert and the local culture.

    Experienced drivers take off road vehicles packed with tourists into the desert where they ride the dunes and reach a well stocked camp site. The travelers then get a chance to enjoy music, drink and food in a characteristic bedouin tent. Many tour operators offer half day, full day or over night trips .

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    Camel Racing

    Camels are an integral part of desert life and many residents of Dubai have held on to their ancestral lifestyles. A great way to spend a day is by exploring one aspect of the desert life by attending a camel race. The nationals of the UAE take their camel racing very seriously and events take place during the winter months and are exciting for visitors.

    The race tracks are located further out of the city and a good one hour drive is required to get to the camel races. Stalls selling many different trinkets and clothes can be found surrounding the race track as different heats take place all through the day.  

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    Dhow Cruise

    Dubai is a port city and the metropolis has grown around its large port and creeks that snake into the city. the government of Dubai has started to promote the use of its creeks by offering water taxis and cruises. The best way to enjoy a luxurious city at night with live music and great food is on a traditional dhow cruise.

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    Water Parks

    The heat in Dubai can be unbearable but you have the option to hit the beach or enjoy some the many Water Parks available. Water parks like Wild Wadi and Splash Land offer the best of an amusement park and beach while keeping families cool. Attractions available at water parks are usually divided into rides for adults and children.  

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    The best thing about being located next to the ocean is the accessibility to fresh seafood. However, you will not only love eating fish but catching it more. Tours off the coast of the city will give enthusiasts a chance to fish in the beautiful Arabian sea for fresh catch that can be taken back and cooked.

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    Dune Skiing/ Boarding

    Sand skiing is something that has only recently made its way into the culture of Dubai. The tall dunes in the deserts of the city are perfect for snow boarders and skiers to use as slopes. Many tour operators offer trips into the desert as part of a half or full day trip for enthusiasts looking to have some fun on the slopes of the desert dunes.

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    Beach Parks

    Dubai is a conservative Muslim country and adapts many activities to suit its population. One of these unique adaptations is the beach park which is a mix between the beach and a green park with kids playgrounds. This allows people that want to stay in the shade and covered to still enjoy the views of the beach. Perfect example include the Al Mamzar beach park, Jumeirah beach park and Creekside park.

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    Shopping Tours

    Dubai is a shoppers heaven and offers greats souks, malls and shopping festivals plus a duty free environment. For travelers who do not have enough time to arrange a trip they can get their hotel or tour company to take them on a shopping tour that covers the old souks and the new malls.

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    Dubai Dolphinarium

    The Dolphinarium in Dubai is a unique chance to interact closely with Dolphins. The air conditioned venue has the ability to accommodate 1350 spectators who can also watch dolphin shows. Visitors also get a once in a life time chance to swim with dolphins if they wish. Packages include mixed or private sessions.

  • 10

    Dubai Aquarium

    There are not many places in the world that have the world’s largest aquarium window within a mall. The Dubai Aquarium is one such place and give guests a chance to glimpse massive Sand Tiger Sharks, Groupers, Stingrays and other exotic fish.

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