Top 10 Ways to Create Public Scene

If you are extremely bored, and willing to resort to anything to make your life a little more exciting and interesting, you might consider creating a public scene, in order to gain attention and give people something to talk about. Such stunts are best pulled off if you have a flair for the dramatic. You are bound to leave the more sensitive viewers in shock, while the more easy-going individuals will enjoy your performance, and find it amusing.

Nevertheless, you should never endanger your own safety, or that of other individuals and should abide by the law.


  • 1

    Ruin a wedding

    A good way to get attention is by going to a wedding and creating a scene - you can do this by claiming that you are already married to the bride or groom. However, you should clear the situation before things get out of control.

  • 2

    Pretend to commit suicide

    Another way to attract the crowd’s attention is by pretending that you are disturbed by some incident and are going to commit suicide. People will try to stop you and you might even make your way into the news.

  • 3

    Start acting foolish

    By doing foolish things in the middle of a street, you will be able to create a public scene effectively. However, your actions should not hurt someone and you also need to ensure your safety while doing such things.

  • 4

    Start crying

    If you start crying in front of a crowd, people will become concerned about you. However, you will have to act realistically in this situation, to make them believe you are genuinely upset.

  • 5

    Pretend you are having a heart attack

    You can also create a public scene by pretending that you are having a heart attack. Everyone will gather around you and your mission will be complete.

  • 6

    Lie down in the middle of a road

    Another thing you can do to get the attention of people is lying down in the middle of a road. This will create a scene for sure; however, this can be extremely dangerous if the road is busy, so ensure your safety first.

  • 7

    Pretend that you have lost your memory

    Start acting like you don’t know who you are and where you have come from. People will think you have memory loss and will be concerned about you.

  • 8

    Fake an accident

    You can also fake an accident to gather a crowd around you. Make sure you pretend that you are in extreme pain.

  • 9

    Pretend to be an alien

    Prepare a good alien costume and then appear in public to scare people away.

  • 10

    Pretend being a ghost

    The best way to create a public scene is by wearing a ghost costume and scare people on the streets.

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